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Tacoma cop drives over soldier lying in road: ‘They dragged him down the street,’ wife says

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


TACOMA, Wash — A JBLM soldier was in critical condition Monday after a Tacoma Police patrol car drove over him this weekend.

Emanuel Andrade, a father of two, is fighting for his life at Tacoma’s St. Joseph Hospital, and home surveillance video obtained by Q13FOX News shows why.

The surveillance video was rolling in the 600 block of North Fife Street at about 1:18 a.m. Saturday. The video shows the soldier lying in the middle of the street and a police cruiser running right over him.

“They dragged him down the street, that’s even worse,” the victim’s wife, Susana Andrade, said.

It’s unknown why the 22-year-old soldier was lying in the street. Tacoma police say the officer was checking for car prowlers and running license plates on his computer right before the accident.

“It was totally unintentional; he feels horrible,” Tacoma police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said.

The video is infrared so Emanuel is not wearing a white shirt as it appears on the video but dark clothing instead, and police say the officer simply did not see what was ahead.

“There wasn’t distracted driving; they looked and he didn’t see the person,” Cool said.

The soldier’s wife isn’t buying that story.

“I want him (the police officer) off the job, if it was intentional or unintentional, there is no excuse for that,” Susana said.

She is also upset because, she said, the department has yet to contact her as her husband lies on a hospital bed, unable to talk or breathe on his own.

“They haven’t told me nothing. They haven’t even come by to check up on my husband,” Susana said.

Q13 Fox News asked why the department had not reached out to the victim’s family.

“We are trying to let people just like our officer kind of absorb what’s going on,” Cool said.

The officer involved has not been questioned yet but Tacoma police say they will be doing a complete investigation. The officer involved is on paid leave as the investigation continues

“If it was somebody else, a regular person, I am pretty sure that regular person who ran over my husband would be sitting in jail right now,” Susana said.

With too much grief and little answers, Susana has a plea for the public.

“Can anybody come forward and help, you know, help me find answers to why this happened?” Susana asked.

She said her husband went out with some friends hours before the accident but that he was not a heavy drinker who would just pass out in the middle of the street.

Emanuel served in Afghanistan and was at the end of his service at JBLM, set to be released next month.

Now, his wife says, he needs multiple surgeries and his recovery could take up to a year.


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  • Jam

    If you lay in the middle of the street wearing dark clothing and get run over, I'm not sure even a regular person would go to jail for that… This is tragic though.

    • The World is Ending

      Wrong the cop was looking at hid computer running license plate numbers, a regular person looking at anything but the road would be in jail for the vehicular assault and distracted driving but the cops "are trained to look at the computer, talk on the radio, text on their phone, and drive at the same time, if the cop would have had his eyes on the road rather than the computer this probably wouldn't have happened.

  • Sarah

    This is a sad thing to have to go threw … But lets be honest , he was laying in the middle of the street with dark clothing on , I do not see where the cop would be in trouble ..

    • paul

      of course you don't your a pig lover ya pig lover any one can see a person laying down in a street wearing dark cloths that is no excuse I in my crappy car with not so great headlights can see a mouse in the road in the dark and police have way brighter head lights then any one else does this is a simple case of a pig getting away with being above the law using your lap top talking on the cell phone not wearing seat belts are laws only us regular people have to follow not pigs cause they are above the law

      • Boris S. Wart

        Paul you are the biggest IDIOT ever…. Ask your Mommie to cut back on your Fruit Loops… You cannot handle the sugar…Get some rest BOY

      • Michael

        Paul something tell me you've been arrested before, most likely multiple times by the apparent chip on your shoulder. That or your IQ is at curb level. I think your seat on the short bus is calling you.

  • Cowboy Justice.

    it doesnt matter if he was lying in the street or dancing like an idiot. He was ran over. I quote: "Tacoma police say the officer was checking for car prowlers and running license plates on his computer right before the accident." Now, you all know for an absolute fact that if ANY one of us did the exact same thing….taker one helluva wild guess where we would be. I guarantee it wouldnt be at home while being PAID for it. Equal punishment for ALL…it's the law.

  • Reality

    The only question the wife needs answered was why was here husband lying in the street. Don't blame your husbands stupidity on a cop, or anyone else dragged into the result of your husband poor choices. Trying to get your 15 minutes is all your doing here.

  • Tacoma girl

    Where’s the video of before this?I want to see how he ended up in the street like that..maybe the injuries should be looked at, and make sure they were all from the car.possible he was hurt before and that’s why he was in the road?

  • no one

    Yeah dude was stupid for laying in the street and as for the cop the cop should of waited til his or her eyes ajusted back to being in the dark before he or she took off driving down the road it was dark out and I know everyone cant see right away after looking at a computer screen for a while it may have been an accident but the officer should of known better and should be penelized for not paying attention to the surroundings and for not letting the eyes ajust back for it being dark out

  • TheWordofGod

    Whenever a cop is driving erratically, I always wonder if a closer look will reveal David Rose's head bobbing up and down in the cop's lap.

  • Brian

    I am sorry for he and his wife but seriously?! He was lying in the middle of the road! Police officers who have there eyes completely on the road are USELESS if they are patrolling that is why you call it "Patrolling" …. they are watching the road and everything around them… if he had driven right past someone being mugged while he was "just watching" the road people would be howling dang if you and dang if you don't…

  • Sophie Katt

    Why would a grown adult lay in the middle of a road and not expect to get run over by a car? There is more to this story than what is being reported, obviously. If the wife was aware that her husband was laying in the middle of the road, did she at least light some flares to put around his body, or did she go out there with a flashlight and warn oncoming traffic? Did she know her husband was laying in the road, and did she do ANYTHING to try to help her husband? Because obviously there was something very very WRONG with this man, or else this wouldn't have happened to begin with.

    Note: Don't EVER call the cops on a mentally-ill loved one – cops are trained to deal with threats, not mental illness. If you call the cops, your mentally-ill loved one could very well end up DEAD at the hands of the police.

  • Jim C

    Come on lady, use your head, unless he was drugged or attacked and left there then it is safe to say he was drunk and passed out there, otherwise there is no good reason why he would be in the street like that.

    With that said, I think when cops are running plates like that they should have to have a partner in the car so the driver can pay full attention to the road.

  • Big Chief

    Reality is what it is. My first thoughts on this subject are , Something happened to this man that lead him to be laying in the street. Was he drunk did he pass out or did he have a medical problem that incapacitated him to the point he could not get up off the ground. I would hope that he has had a toxicology test done,and also been checked for any medical issue. My gut feeling is he probably was inebriated to the point he couldn't walk and passed out . Or he got into a fight and was knocked out.
    As for the officer hypothetically lets imagine that he had his eyes on the road instead of the computer this whole incident wouldn't have happened. It has already been admitted that he was using his computer when this happened , and that is negligence on his behalf.

    As for some of the comments made by Mr Paul maybe he should get an evaluation on his mental state , One that speaks like that has no common since, and then again common sense isn't very common any more .
    People like Paul have issues that have not been addressed ever.

    • Jen

      I would 'like' your post twice if I could! Finally, after reading through quite a bit of craziness, there is someone who can actually articulate their thought process as well as conclusion. Then even more amazingly, both of said processes actually make complete logical sence. PLEASE comment more often lol.

  • geoff

    my question is, if there is video showing the cop running dude over, one could conclude there is video of how dude ended up in the street?

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  • Rebecca Lawless

    Has anyone stopped to think that just maybe he got out of his car and laid down in the road because he seen the officers car and so he got out and laid down thinking the officer was going to get him for a dui as he was sitting in the drivers seat?? And having topped off a few drinks he figured make him self visable to the officer by laying down in the road? just a thought that makes sence to me, it might be a simple fast thinking on "oh hell what do I do now, cop right there, I might as well get out and just lay down and take my slap in the face for even thinking about driving, I don't think he thought he was going to get in trouble so he put him out for the officer to see him plain as day. As far as the officer he should be paying attention to the road and not a computer or… ooo lets see Talking on your cell phone why driving… if it was me I am sure I be still sitting in jail