Police: Drunk driver slams into four people, killing one

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bellingham Hit Run Fatal

BELLINGHAM -Police said a drunk driver hit four people in a Bellingham parking lot, killing one, early Monday morning.

Bellingham Police Lieutenant Robert Vander Yacht tweeted that the 27–year-old man drove through the lot in the 1200 block of N State Street and hit an SUV that in turn hit another SUV.  From there Vander Yacht said the driver hit two more cars, spun out of control and nearly went over a retaining wall.The driver was arrested by police at the scene and could be charged as early as Tuesday.
The Whatcom County coroner is working to notify the relatives of the person who was killed.  The extent of the injuries of the other people hit by the driver has not been released.



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  • guest

    kind of makes you glad we put alcohol on every store shelf and legalized dope, we really don't have enough of these impaired drivers yet! (or texting ones!)

  • Ted

    And yea? Why did we close all the liquor stores, where you had to show I.D., and put it out on shelves, at every grocery store? The number one killer in our state and just made it easier to get.(not to mention, easier to steal) WTF? Damn we’re stupid…

  • zeya187

    You know you can blame everything on new laws because it makes it easy! If someone wants to drink they will get it anyway they can if they have to go in to a liquor store or any other store. What we need to do is make an example out of the people that break the law with harsher punishments. Also we need to crack down on the stores that sell to minors and not just a $500 fine. If you sell to a minor you should Pay a min of $2,000 and do 30 days in jail… that would make any one think twice about selling to anyone with out an ID. My Heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy and I will be prying for you!