Washington to lead multi-state lawsuit against Trump administration over family separations

Students protest after administrator forced out for same-sex marriage

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Eastside vice principal

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SAMMAMISH — Students and staff at Eastside Catholic School were protesting Thursday morning after discovering their vice principal was asked to resign because of his same-sex marriage.

The demonstration started inside when students at the religious school skipped class to protest what they say was Zmuda’s forced resignation.

“We’re all here for him, we accept him for who he is. We’re ashamed that this has happened. We’re going to do everything we can to stop it,” said student Julia Burns.

Their protest soon moved to the streets. About 100 students lined 228th Avenue shouting cheers in support of the vice principal.

Lawyer Mike Patterson, a spokesperson for Zmuda, said he agreed to resign after school officials learned he had married a man.

“Mark understands when he agreed to work for a Catholic school one of the requirements is you have to follow the magisterium of the church. The Catholic Church does not approve same-sex marriages. He is resigning as a result of that,” Patterson said.

Zmuda’s resignation takes effect Friday. He worked for the school for more than a year.

School officials sent a letter to students and parents addressing the resignation:

Parent letter

Students also sent hundreds of tweets using the hashtag #KeepMrZ2013 to show their support.


Students said they planned to gather signatures in a petition to present to the Archdiocese of Seattle in an effort to get Zmuda’s job back.

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  • guest

    so, the teacher we read about in Portland yesterday was fired for letting his students know he was pro-life but this bozo shouldn't be fired for letting his students know he is into homosexual sex? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY???

    • Fightforright

      What is wrong with society and that the Inmates are running the asylum. It is hard to speak with those who profess to be tolerant but are just the opposite. Hopefully with all the deviants trying to push their agenda the sleeping giant will awaken and crush them and that now think wrong is right. Homosexuality is a behavior by 2% of the population.

  • guest

    what it is is you have the CHRISTIAN FASCISTS that want a theocracy…like the musilums & the jews have..where they make ALL decisions (moral &, legal because, after all, they are doing GODS WORK…which begs the question: who the f#ck are they to decide what gods work is?…that, by definition, is AUTHORITARIAN RULE…in sort FASCISM…you are NOT allowed personal freedoms…your must adhere to their judgement because, after all they represent GOD you represent a slave…they misspronounce that word & use sheep instead…..SIG HIEL!!!!!!! may you all burn…

  • guest

    haha..typical christian..say something they don't like & they don't understand what you are saying…try reading a different book once in a while

  • guest

    so why do the uneducated pot smokers of Washington have to take a discussion about the consequences of verbalizing one persons opinion over another and turn it into religion bashing?

  • guest

    uneducated pot smoker?..lol…concentrate..read each word slowly, look each one up in a dictionary to be sure you understand them…you do a lot of assuming…pot smoker…uneducated..lol..washington…your a self righteous imbecile..fascist christians are exactly like you…the problem isn't with society you dope..your the problem..you don't like the idea that we (society in general) will not bow to your whims & because of that you & you ilk are being left behind society…lol…..you are being kicked off the bus!!..get your gear & get off!..ps. the pothead onboard the bus asks you to please leave your lighter! semper fi

    • guest

      so again, this is about people being able to express their opinions equally. (read each word carefully and look them up to be sure you understand them)

  • guest

    so, ya don't like pot smokers, people from washington & uneducated people…to bring you up to speed this IS my opinion…have you come around to realize that?..I realize you don't understand that..I'm pointing it out to you to show anyone else who paying attention that I do feel for you..just like I have empathy for dumb, brutish,uneducated animals…just because I possess the power to kick them around doesn't give me the right to judge them "evil"…even if they harm a fellow human..humans don't get or give those kinda breaks..welcome to the suck shallow one..
    ps not religion bashing…..OBSERVATION

    • guest

      so, back to the beginning, why should the homosexual teacher be allowed to keep his job if the pro-life teacher can't.? that was the original question

  • guest

    so, keep IGNORING my opinion.. no that wasn't..the original question..the original question was :
    WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY??? pay attention bigot

  • layla

    the teacher new that he would get fired if he married the same sex tho thats on him he knew what he was doing. christan school are ran by the chruch and in the bibe its states its a sine to marry same sex. you guys wouldn't be mad if the teacher was getting fired over being on drugs. so why get upset know. most parents send there kids to private school for reason that. the kids need to get over it. its his choise to marry a guy.

  • guest

    not so much anger, more frustration..that bigot was stereotyping me according to his narrow-minded mindset…call me a pothead…uneducated & WORST of all…..FROM WASHINGTON!!!!!…which had nothing to do with his capitalized statement…..you are 100% right layla I realize it too..his tactic was to belittle, like looking down his nose at me so I ripped his dopeyness a new one…he won't crap right for months….boisterous ignorance/stupidity/bigotry should be snuffed out on sight, BEFORE it gets to the children…yes, I have those too…they thought it was kool to use my intelligence to make that guy look like the bigot he is…they actually got it too…better to prove your point with intelligence rather than violence..makes me proud that I didn't have to explain ANYTHING to them, they got it..