Driver accused of ramming bicyclist in fit of rage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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SEATTLE — A 37-year-old driver was charged in King County court after she allegedly followed a bicyclist and swerved her car into the bike lane on purpose to injure the man.

According to court documents, Erika Soerensen rammed a 32-year-old man after allegedly followed close behind him in her car on July 8.

Witnesses say Soerensen was driving around 8 a.m. near the intersection of 26th Avenue SSW and SW Andover Street  in West Seattle when she came upon the bicyclist. The bicyclist, riding a 2007 Schwinn LeTour, told police Soernsen grew upset when he passed her Black Nissan Sentra at a roundabout. He said the car screeched its tires and pulled up close behind him. As they approached another stop, Soereensen allegedly pulled to the side of him and screamed. That’s when she allegedly jerked her wheel and purposely slammed into the bicyclist, causing him to careen off the road before she took off.

The bicyclist only suffered minor injuries to his wrist. He was taken to an area hospital for evaluation.

Multiple witnesses at the scene corroborate the bicyclist’s statements. When police interviewed Soerensen, she first allegedly denied ever seeing the biker, but later claimed she remembers a biker hogging the middle of the road and weaving in and out of traffic. Police noticed a dent in Soerensens’s door.

Police interviewed more witnesses and Soerensen was charged with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon. She has not yet been arrested.

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  • Star

    This article is quite one sided. What is the suspect ACTUALLY charged with? Road rage? Attempted Murder? I only saw a charge for Assault.

  • Perry Mason

    Soerensen was charged with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, get it? Running into someone with several tons of vehicle. I'm not sure why obstructing an officer (lying) and felony hit and run were not also charged. Additionally, I don't understand why she was not charged under the vulnerable users law.

  • Martin Quilant

    David, I'm not sure how these things work. Is it common for someone to be charge with assault with a deadly weapon but not be arrested? Is there a warrant out for her arrest?

  • Adron

    This is insane!!! The amount of charges that could be levied and at the same time she isn't arrested? I understand the legal system isn't out for vengeance but at LEAST a few nights in jail at the minimum!!

    If someone had assaulted someone with a more noticeable weapon she'd be in the jail, however the automobile is technically THE MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON IN THE UNITED STATES!?!?!!?!? More dead than gun deaths, knives and the whole lot. The situation is so point blank obvious that she should be thrown in jail for a MINIMUM of a few nights. How do we get some real justice in these situations?