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Teenager viciously attacked during home burglary

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KIRKLAND — An  early morning burglary turned into a vicious attack Saturday morning and the crooks sent a 19-year-old man to the hospital with large cuts all over his body.

The suspects are still on the loose.

A neighbor says he woke up to someone pounding on his door screaming for help. When he opened that door he found his 19-year-old neighbor covered in blood and collapsed on to the ground. Luckily for the teenager his neighbor is a licensed EMT.

“Stab wounds all over his body,” said neighbor Miles Calvert. “It looked like somebody had cut his leg off or attempted to cut his leg off.”

Miles immediately jumped into action and began dressing the teenager’s wounds.

“Gabbed a bungee-cord out of the back of my truck and tied up a tourniquet around his leg and sat there and held him until the ambulance came,” said Miles.

The victim somehow escaped the attack and, despite his injuries, he ran for help.

“The bottoms of his feet were mangled so you could tell he was running for his life,” Miles added.

Miles’ father Todd Calvert saw the victim’s terrible injuries, too. And when he called 911 he passed the phone to the victim.

“He told them that it was a black male and a Hispanic male and that he’d locked himself in the bathroom until he could get away,” said Todd.

kirklandhomeThe teenager’s parents called police when they discovered their was son missing and their was home ransacked.

Kirkland Police say there are also signs of a struggle inside the house.

“He said these individuals were trying to kill him but he was worried about his mother and father,” said Todd.

People living in this otherwise quiet neighborhood are rattled, but also hopeful that the young man will survive his injuries.

“The fact that he was talking at the time he went into the ambulance made me feel good,” said Todd. “I think the ambulance guys did a great job slowing down the bleeding.”

And even though Miles may have saved the teenager’s life he insists he didn’t do anything extraordinary.

Sources tell Q13 Fox News that police are working on sketches of the suspects which could be released sometime next week.

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  • esco

    Good job Miles, glad you were at home. Hopefully this kid can get through this.

    I'm so tired of criminals doing this, too bad this kid wasn't armed with some firepower and ended these two scumbags lives on the spot.

  • The World is Ending

    This is what public flogging is for… But the bleeding hearts would never stand for it….after all you can't do that to the poor criminal it's not their fault it's their parents or societies fault or someone else's fault…. Because after all we can't hold people responsible for their actions.