More Washington women choosing to carry concealed handguns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — In the state of Washington, nearly a half-million people are licensed to carry a concealed handgun. And a growing number of those packing a pistol are women.

The handguns come in sizes large and small, and many women say a gun makes them feel safer.

womangunThat need to feel safer is what appears to be compelling more and more women to buy and carry a concealed handgun.

In fact, in King County the number of women applying for a concealed pistol license in the first eight months of this year is up 28% over the same time last year.

“Many women wouldn’t be able to physically overpower someone. Having a weapon is an equalizer in making themselves be able to protect themselves and protect their loved ones,” Seattle resident Kenneth Faust said.

Increases in concealed pistol permits can also be cyclical.

Experts say there are typically three reasons why we see surges in CPL applications.

“Number one, around some holidays; seems like Christmas time and, believe it or not, on Valentine’s Day. Whenever there is a large incident like a Columbine, then we definitely see it, a significant rise in requests for CPLs. The other time, really, is when there is an election.  It appears as though whenever the person that may get elected is perceived to be maybe anti-gun or something, then we’ll see an increase prior to the election,” King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said.

Whatever the reason, Washington state is a gun state and always has been. It’s just now that women seem to be arming themselves because some fear they have no other choice.

“It’s really just the comfort of knowing that if it was there, they could have access to it,” Faust said.

While carrying a concealed handgun may make some feel safer, statistically there is a downside. A 2009 study by the American Journal of Public Health found that someone carrying a gun for self-defense was 4 1/2 times more likely to be shot during an assault than someone who was unarmed.

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  • joe

    After Obama is done destroying America with financal collapse, everyone will wish they had a gun when roaming packs of ethnic thugs come to invade their homes to pillage and plunder.

    • Voter

      I disagree with Joe's predictions because the economy has gotten better since Obama and Biden took office. It has been an up hill crawl, but the stock market has been up and the foreclosure rate is down. Things have gotten better. Just look at all the construction activity in Seattle. There's never been such a boom in new buildings going up.
      The recent GOP shutdown has been a failure for the Republicans. The approval ratings for congress and Republicans in particular is going lower by the minute.

  • yukondave

    "carrying a gun for self-defense was 4 1/2 times more likely to be shot during an assault "

    how many people arm themselves because they face a threat?

    Thats like saying that someone that is more likely to get in an accident driving near home since people spend the most time driving near home.

    Next you will tell us that people that take cold medicine are more likely to die from the flu.