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Baby allegedly takes meth under mom, grandmother’s watch

MethAUBURN — A 23-year-old woman and her mother were charged with criminal mistreatment after a 22-month-old baby was found high on meth, according to court documents.

Patrice J. Tannehill and her mother,  45-year-old Michelle Orndorff, were arrested after Tannehill’s daughter showed signs of meth intoxication when the pair took the baby to the hospital on Sept. 26.

Tannehill and her mother allegedly waited hours before seeking care for the young girl, who had rapid breathing, intermittent signs of unconsciousness and would bob her head in a bizarre manner. The girl also showed signs of abuse, including a cigarette burn on her hand and bruises on her back, documents allege.

Police said Orndorff took the baby to the hospital at the urging of neighbors. Orndorff allegedly tried to leave the hospital when staff told her about her granddaughter’s positive methamphetamine test.

Hospital staff called police and officers went to Ordorff’s residence in the 200 block of J Street SE in Auburn to investigate where the child lived. They allegedly found “drug pipes, scales and methamphetamine” around the house, including a “glass drug pipe” on the floor, within easy reach of the child.

A man at the residence told police he saw the child a day before, and that it was “freaking out.” The man was arrested on a unrelated misdemeanor warrant.

Orndorff allegedly told police during an interview that she smoked meth when she gets up in the morning, and her daughter brought many “druggies” to the house. Orndorff and Tannehill were arrested and booked into King County Jail. They are being held on $250,000 bail.

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  • guest

    good lord when are these idiots going to learn? if you want to kill yourself go ahead but do not risk your children!! I hope this child is adopted and given a better life

  • Jennifer

    Better yet, kill yourself before you have a child, I am sure this poor baby is already messed up bad, brain injury, learning disabilities, autism. There is no explanation for a druggie grandma or mother to have a child in their care. A picture of these two women should be plastered huge with the article.

  • Greg D

    What is with Auburn lately?First a child is given methadone,now another is given meth.Sounds like the police are losing the "drug war" there or incompetent.

  • Annon

    At least some justice my cousin Nathan Iverson died Dec 6 2012 from acute meth toxicity . We called CPS for four years regarding him and his sibling . They did nothing . Autopsy report acute meth toxicity and now a year latter no arrest . Why I ask ? Had CPS done their job he would be alive and how a baby can die in a meth hous and no one cares and goes to ja ? Justice for Nathan Iverson Please

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