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Busted for marijuana? The state may want to do business with you

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

marijuana-plants-imageSeattle – Key supporters of Inititative 502, legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington, made several recommendations to the liquor control board on Monday.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes says some restrictions need to be relaxed and certain definitions redefined so the Seattle marijuana black market does not stay underground.

Holmes says he supports the board’s current policy proposal to accept people into the legal industry even if they have a previous marijuana drug conviction, both misdemeanor and felony. Holmes says the board should look at every applicant on a case by case basis.  In fact he says it’s important the state converts growers and sellers in the black market to legitimize their business if I-502 for I-502 to be successful. 

Medical marijuana is also a great challenge according to Holmes. He says Washington is overwhelmed with too many medicinal marijuana dispensaries. He says a lot of people who use marijuana for recreational reasons are getting their pot from these dispensaries. He wants the board to scrutinize medicinal marijuana industry so they are serving people who really need pot for medical reasons.

With I-502, the state is anticipating pot to be a draw for tourist. Under current law, there are no places safe places for tourists to smoke pot. Public consumption is not allowed.

Holmes is recommending the board study private use clubs.

 The ACLU is also joining in on the debate. The group wants special packaging and marketing.

More details on the future of Washington’s marijuana industry on Q13 Fox at 10.



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  • Steve Sarich

    Mr. Holmes is finally showing his true colors. After stipulating to three charges of campaign violations for using the City Prosecutor's office to illegally support I-502, and after swearing up and down that I-502 would not effect medical cannabis, now he's saying that "Washington is overwhelmed with too many medical marijuana dispensaries"? How can you tell if Pete Holmes is lying? Yep….his lips are moving.

    Now he wants the LCB, like his own little army, to scrutinize medical marijuana to make sure that we're all really sick? He's obviously not concerned with sick and disabled people. He's too worried about making sure that the tourists have a nice safe place to smoke recreational pot and he's recommending that the board look into setting up private pot smoking clubs for tourists.

    Is this guy even for real?

    Alison Holcomb is now chiming in on what she thinks the LCB shoud be doing about "special packaging and marketing". How much you want to bet that this will include marijuana tax stamps as part of the "special packaging"? You gotta protect the state pot monopoly, right? You can't have people smoking that reasonably priced cannabis can you? Who would by the $40-$50 a gram state schwag….unless of course you had no choice but to buy it from them or go to jail! Wait! Isn't that how marijuana prohibition got started….marijuana tax stamps?

    Welcome to "legalization" according to Alison Holcomb and Pete Holmes. This really has turned out to the "New Approach to Prohibition", just a predicted. It looks remarkably similar to the old approach to prohibition. The new dealers are people like John Davis (Hempfest CEO), Jamen Shively and Rick Garza, and the prices will certainly be different, but it's the same old prohibition game only with a different, and more greedy, group of sleazy characters running the show.

    It's time we stand up and defend medical cannabis in this state….and that means NO Liquor Control Board control over patients and their medication!

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  • Carl Constantine

    Regardless to whatever the Liquor Board decides, there will still be a black market. I can completely understand that there is a large number of people in Washington State that doesn't trust the totalitarian regime down in Olympia that refuses to do their jobs although they are being over paid to do so and end up having Special Sessions in order to further extort the tax payers out of even more money. Yeah. Keep it underground guys. Otherwise you'll be TAXED completely out of business and then the State will completely control it like they did alcohol for decades. Washington State can't even govern the state budget and they think that they can govern sales of medical marijuana?

  • Kelly T

    I'm only going to mention the typos in passing to point out the stupidity of one of the mistyped lines.
    "Under current law, there are no places safe places for tourists to smoke pot." There are "no places safe places" for residents either except private property. Are tourists not allowed at friends' houses? In hotels that allow smoking (if those exist here. I'm new)?
    You think the biggest danger of "tourist trade pot" is public consumption, not out-of-state trafficking? Do you not think people were coming here for pot BEFORE November/December 6th? You need to make a pulling-out motion with your head until you see sunlight, then wipe the $#it off your eyes.

  • Kelly T

    And cracking down on the med-pot industry will only STRENGTHEN the so-called black market. Think it through people: if it is harder to get in ANY way then people would just rather call a buddy. You act like black-market pot is bringing down the nation.
    FACT: You know what "drug money" doesn't "support terrorism" as they claimed in a Bush2-era ad? Money you give to a local grower.

  • Ozzy

    Those bike lanes should not be green, especially that green is welcoming if u paint it yellow or red more drivers will be more cautious of your bike lane.