Everett police clamp down on burglaries; more than 320 arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

everettEVERETT — Their office is the streets. For the burglary-reduction team, it’s all about tracking the hot spots to find suspects. During a recent arrest, Everett police busted a man hiding out at a motel on Broadway and retrieved about $10,000 in stolen goods from one motel unit.

“I used to be running around here being a hard head,” said Torri Clark, who added that he use to  make a living breaking into homes.

“You can get electronics anywhere … and a lot of pawn shops don’t check your ID for those things,” said Clark.

Four officers make up Everett’s new burglary-reduction team.

“We need cops to go to 911 calls but we also need a lot of cops looking specifically for people doing crimes,” said officer Anatoliy Kravchun.

He and his partner, Nathan Wallace, spend their nights and days hunting burglars.

“All the criminals around here seem to know everybody, they are all intertwined and they go to the same places,” said Wallace.

Like many cities, Everett saw a big spike in home burglaries last year and decided to go after the problem makers. On Wednesday night, Q13 Fox News followed the officers around on their patrol.

“The main alleyway right here on Broadway is a pretty good hot spot,” said Wallace.

In just over three months, the team of four has arrested 321 burglary suspects, recovered about a half-dozen guns and tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property. The officers say they get many of their leads from the community and good, hard work.

“I would do it for the rest of my career if they let me, but we will see what happens,” said Kravchun.

“We have built such a good rapport with certain people, they know me by name,” said Wallace.

Most of the home burglaries are fueled by drugs, Wallace said.

“The Puget Sound area is swarmed with meth and heroin; it is to a point that it is an epidemic,” said Wallace.

“When I was back in the past doing it (burglaries), that was my reason for it,” said Clark.

Although the target is home burglaries, Everett police say many of the suspects arrested are wanted for other serious crimes.

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  • John C. Hodge

    I fear things are going to get a lot worse here and in the rest of the country soon, for an unexpected reason. There are a huge number of natural and synthetic painkiller addicts in the US, likely several million, but their prescription drugs of choice are being reformulated to make them harder to abuse. But heroin is effectively the same stuff, and costs only a quarter as much, and cheap Mexican heroin is very abundant. They start by smoking or snorting it, and just a few weeks later they are injecting it. And though it is cheaper than pharmaceuticals, it is still far more expensive than most can afford.

    They will desperately want money, and they will do anything to get it. A tiny number of junkies is very annoying. A legion of them will be intolerable.