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I always knew I wanted to study weather, so after studying earth sciences like meteorology and climatology, I graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in geography. I then headed south to Mississippi State University where I became a certified meteorologist – and also learned to appreciate severe weather and really good BBQ.
I’ve been in Seattle 17 years and am a board-certified meteorologist, with certification from the American Meteorological Society. I have a Television Seal of Approval from the AMS, given only to those with high technical competence in forecasting. I’ve been Emmy-nominated for “Best Weathercaster” five times. I also won “Best Meteorologist” from the Seattle Weekly.
The bottom line is that I love to forecast the weather in the Pacific Northwest. Most people think it rains here constantly, but it really doesn’t. We get half the rainfall that Miami and New York get. We have less rain than Portland, Ore., and often see sun breaks on the grayest winter days. I’ve lived in the Northwest virtually my entire life and have always been fascinated with its changing weather patterns and the challenge it presents in forecasting. I feel it’s one of the hardest places to predict weather in the nation due to the lack of data over the Pacific Ocean, which is where almost all our weather comes. It’s because of this that I try my hardest to get it right.
After forecasting Western Washington weather for more than a decade, I feel with my extensive training, experience and credentials in meteorology that I will get the forecast right more times than not, and I think that if you watch and trust me with your weather needs, you’ll agree.
I’m known around the newsroom for…
Working in the tundra that is my office and the studio.
What keeps me going…
My love for weather and my family are what keep me inspired.

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  • Soggy Seahawks game expected with passing showers, possible isolated storms

    SEATTLE — We’re moving away from the frost! Thursday starts out mild with a few showers, and there will be passing showers throughout the day including some for the Seahawks victory. It won’t rain all day but all day there will be some showers. Enjoy the dry periods. Friday has some showers but there will be sunshine too. Isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon can’t be ruled out. The weekend looks pretty nice with mostly dry weather and mild high temperatures. […]

  • Brisk, cloudy weather Wednesday; light showers later this week

    SEATTLE — Overall the weather on Wednesday should remain dry. Even with a little rain in the forecast, there will be many more dry days than wet days ahead. Wednesday starts out sunny and crisp. There will be passing showers for most of the day Thursday, but remember Seattle gets the rain shadow so not much for the main metro. Thursday evening has more passing showers but not overly wet. Friday has some passing showers with sun breaks, too. Saturday […]

  • Chilly start to October, rain moves in midweek

    Tuesday starts out cold with some frost, especially for the South Sound.

  • Frosty morning for the South Sound as unseasonably cold weather continues

    SEATTLE — Cold weather continues, as we are running at least 10 degrees below normal as we head into October. Monday morning will be dry but chilly. A few towns in the South Sound can some frost in the morning as lows get close to freezing Monday and Tuesday. It is too early for icy roads as the ground is too warm coming off of summer but it will be cold those two mornings. Monday and Tuesday will have some […]

  • Cooler temperatures and scattered showers coming this weekend

    SEATTLE — Cooler days are coming for the rest of the week. Friday starts out mostly dry and cool but Friday afternoon we pick up some showers and Isolated thunderstorms. It is the “sun, hail, rainbow” forecast for Friday afternoon. Friday night the mountains pick up some snow but it will not mess up the passes. Saturday morning has some leftover showers for the Metro but the day looks dry and cool. The Metro stays mostly dry Saturday and Sunday. It […]

  • First mountain snow of the season coming this weekend

    Highs go from 70 Wednesday to about 50 by Sunday.

  • Sunny Wednesday, but rain and cooler temperatures move in later in the week

    SEATTLE — Enjoy some great fall weather for a bit! Wednesday starts out in the 40s so it will be crisp and dry with some fog, but the day will be sunny and nice with highs near 68 degrees. Wednesday night the clouds increase and it rains late Wednesday into early Thursday. It will be wet overnight. Nice Wednesday and Pretty Nice Thursday but Thursday Morning will be Very Wet!! #Q13FOX — Walter Kelley (@Walter_Kelley) September 24, 2019 Thursday […]

  • Fall is here with rainy days and long nights

    SEATTLE — Welcome to fall and the rainy season. Let’s focus on the dry periods! Tuesday will be mostly dry with a high near 66, not bad actually. The main rainy areas will be the convergence zone and the mountains. Wednesday looks mostly dry as well. Enjoy! Thursday has passing showers with a high near 60. Friday looks cooler with more rain showers. The weekend looks wet but it won’t rain the whole time. This is the time of year […]

  • ‘Summer’s last stand’: Sunny Thursday, cloudy Friday

    SEATTLE — It’s summer’s last stand! Thursday will be very nice after some patchy morning fog, sunny with highs near 70 Thursday afternoon. Friday will be mostly cloudy but mostly dry! Any rain Friday will be weak and in the usual places (convergence zone, beach, mountains). Saturday looks great with highs near 70. Enjoy! Sunday looks wet and breezy. Fall begins with the equinox at 12:50 in the morning Monday. That means the nights will be Longer than the days. […]

  • Sunshine returns late Wednesday, but will it stick around?

    SEATTLE — We’ll see some leftover rain/squalls Wednesday, then we’re dry for a few days. Enjoy! Wednesday morning we have passing showers and isolated thunderstorms. Most of Wednesday will be dry for the metro but the mountains and the coast stay wet. The afternoon will be sunny for Seattle. Wednesday will be clear and cool but that means Thursday will be sunny after some morning fog, making a great late summer day with highs in the 70s. Friday looks fine […]

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