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  • “The hits just kept coming and coming and coming:” Help ID assault suspect who used flowers to lure victim into vicious attack

    WANTED IN SEATTLE — Detectives need your help solving a vicious and terrifying attack on a woman who was lured to her door for a flower delivery. Surveillance video shows the suspect police are trying to identify hitting the woman in the face, knocking her back into the lobby of her apartment building and onto the ground. He continues to beat her in the face as she is on the phone with her friend pleading for help. The abuse doesn’t […]

  • Alfredo Orozco-Aguillar: Wanted assault suspect accused of attacking woman while witnesses watched

    WANTED IN YAKIMA COUNTY — Domestic violence suspect, Alfredo Orozco-Aguillar, is charged with 2nd Degree Assault. He’s accused of attacking a woman — grabbing her by the hair, hitting her head against the floor, then choking her out until she told deputies she got dizzy. Yakima County Sheriff’s detectives say witnesses watched the attack happen at a home in the town of Buena on August 21st. He’s 24 years old, 5’8” and weighs 170 pounds. Detectives think he could be […]

  • ‘Face Tape Bandit’: Armed robbery suspect threatens to shoot employees at movie theater

    WANTED IN SEATTLE — Seattle Police are asking for the public’s help to identify a suspect who put black tape on his face and hat, before he threatened to shoot employees at a movie theater, during an armed robbery in the U-District. Take a good look at his profile. It appears he may have some grey hair on his chin, or some discoloration on his left cheek. Detectives say he got into the locked theater at 10:15 am on September […]

  • Casino-cheating crew: Expect to lose if these three wanted suspects are at your Craps table

    WANTED BY WASHINGTON STATE GAMBLING COMMISSION — If there is one thing I hate more than thieves — it’s a cheater — especially when it comes to gambling. I don’t play very often, because I usually don’t win, but neither will you if you’re at a Craps table with these three suspects. Agents with the Washington State Gambling Commission are asking for your help to find Guramarpreet Kang, Mark Haddad and to identify a third suspect. Kang is the one […]

  • Gustavo Verdusco: Help end dangerous ‘Goose’ hunt for wanted gang member sporting fowl street name

    WANTED BY DOC IN TRI-CITIES — ‘Goose’ is the street name for wanted high-violent gang member, Gustavo Verdusco. Department of Corrections officers say he’s also known as ‘Sandman,’ ‘TM,’ ‘Toker’ and ‘Faith One.’ DOC officers say say he’s breaking probation in Benton County on a drug possession conviction and has a massive rap sheet that started when he was just 12 years old. A corrections officer assigned to ‘Goose’ has known him all his career and says he’s deep into […]

  • Everett Police arrest five suspects in gym locker theft crime ring, others still wanted

    EVERETT — Everett Police arrested Taylor Freeman today.   Detectives say Eric Woo was arrested by Lynnwood Police earlier this week and Brianna Reynolds was arrested into custody in Las Vegas for drugs and released.  She had dyed her hair bright orange. She still has an active warrant for her arrest here in WA. Detectives say Ashley Rosenzweig  who is pictured in the black jacket and t-shirt with the blonde hair walking out of Fred Meyer was identified by anonymous tips […]

  • CAPTURED: U.S. Marshals Pacific NW Violent Offender Task Force arrests escaped felon Charles Reedy in Yakima

    CAPTURED: The U.S. Marshals Eastern District of Washington Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force arrested Charles Reedy today in Yakima.   WANTED BY U.S. MARSHALS IN SPOKANE — If you spot convicted felon, Charles Reedy, on the street — he’s likely still limping — after staff at a halfway house in Spokane watched him jump out a third-floor window and hobble away on August 23rd. Reedy had just got out of prison for a weapons possession conviction. Now, he’s wanted […]

  • CAPTURED: Prolific thief accused of preying on elderly man arrested while showing up to court for separate case

    FUGITIVE CAPTURED September 18, 2019 — The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department says Suzanne Cozad was taken into custody by deputies when she showed up to court for another case on Wednesday. The deputies say she was unhappy she was put on Washington’s Most Wanted, so that her friends and family could see. FUGITIVE WANTED IN PIERCE COUNTY September 13, 2019 —  Someone willing to prey on the elderly, taking advantage of their good heart and vulnerability — is just despicable […]

  • Joey Lopez: ‘Lil Puppet’ fresh out of federal prison — and already in the wind

    WANTED BY U.S. MARSHALS IN TRI-CITIES — Violent gang member, Joey Lopez, a.k.a. ‘Lil Puppet’ has the U.S. Marshals hunting him after never checking in with his probation officer after his recent release from federal prison. He served time on a conviction for being a felon with a gun. He also has assault, obstruction, resisting arrest, injury to a child and drive-by shooting on his rap sheet. He’s 32 years old, 5’7” and weighs 190 pounds. He has ‘509’ tattooed […]

  • Help ID Idaho suspect seen buying lotto tickets with stolen credit cards

    WANTED IN POST FALLS, Idaho — This fraud suspect’s enjoying her drink just like police in Post Falls, Idaho say she enjoys buying lotto tickets with stolen credit cards. Detectives say a surveillance photo shows her at the counter of a convenience store in Post Falls where she bought a bunch of tickets in late July, then cashed-in the winners at several spots around the city in Kootenai County, that’s just across the border from Spokane. Detectives say she was […]

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