Bomb threats emailed to Olympia, UW in Seattle

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  • Commentary: It might be the right move, but it’s still empty Mariners rhetoric to me

    Tomorrow, the Mariners purge continues: A multi-player deal that sends Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano to the Mets – the strongest representation of the franchise tearing everything down, and building from the ground up. It might be the right thing to do. But I have no reason to trust that it will actually work. Listen, I fully understand the argument: The M’s are in no-man’s land – good but not good enough to consistently compete with elite teams. Their aging […]

  • Commentary: The Seahawks are having fun this season – I hope you are too

    Well, that was fun. At times maddening. At times frustrating. But in the end? Fun. And to me, that’s really the best way to approach this Seahawks season. Because these guys are having fun – so why not us too? Earlier today, the Seahawks completed what most fans considered the toughest four-game stretch of the regular season, and they did so with two straight wins. It was arguably their best road win of the year – a 30-27 win at […]

  • Commentary: The pressure in this Apple Cup is squarely on Mike Leach

    This being Apple Cup week, I don’t need to remind everyone how this game has gone the last five years. But I will anyway. 27-17 Huskies. 31-13 Huskies. 45-10 Huskies. 45-17 Huskies. 41-14 Huskies. I don’t think there’s any question that, given such low preseason expectations, Mike Leach should be a considered for Pac-12 and National Coach of the Year. But given the results just listed, I also don’t think there’s anyone with more pressure to win Apple Cup than […]

  • Commentary: Gardner Minshew has brought a much-needed happiness back to WSU

    We start with a smile: Something so simple we often take it for granted, yet so meaningful when it comes to that of Gardner Minshew in Pullman this season. Because Minshew – along with that smile (and that mustache) – has helped bring a much-needed happiness back to the Palouse. The Cougs are now 9-1, and along with the Huskies, still control their own destiny in the Pac-12 North. But more importantly, there’s a joy within a community that was […]

  • Commentary: Broadcast decisions for MLS Playoffs leave many potential Sounders viewers in the dark

    I know there were a lot of Sounders fans – and Timbers fans for that matter – upset that their playoff match today went head-to-head with the Seahawks game against the Chargers. In my mind, this was a case of a television network prioritizing its bottom line over the voices of the fans – and you’ll understand in a second. But let me first preface this discussion with an acknowledgement to any Sounders supporters who don’t believe any other team […]

  • Commentary: Don’t underestimate the Seahawks – the championship blueprint is there

    Well, the Seahawks did it! They won four games! Exactly what USA Today predicted in their season preview. Except, there’s this one thing: It’s not even November yet. Which means the Hawks have nine more games to prove how incredibly wrong those so-called experts were.

  • Commentary: Husky and Cougar fans live in harmony on an historic weekend on the Palouse

    That was the sound of Husky fans and Cougar fans living in peace and harmony for one weekend – one historic, memorable time in Pullman where the Cougs didn’t disappoint, and the Huskies didn’t mind! Unless you’re living under a rock, you saw the incredible sight yesterday morning: The Cougs, showing up en masse for ESPN’s College Gameday’s first visit to the Palouse in 15 years, representing their school in a stunning fashion. Ol’ Crimson’s return home, after appearing on […]

  • Commentary: The Spirit of 12 has gone international – in a very big way

    As far as I can tell, this is our first “Q It Up Sports” from overseas.        

  • Commentary: City councilwoman’s comments overshadow major milestone in arena process

    I’m going to live in the past for a minute – and apologize one more time to Seattle City Councilwoman Debora Juarez. Two years ago, Juarez and four other councilwomen were subjected to misogynistic and sexist comments from sports fans, upset at the council for denying a street vacation needed to build an arena in SODO. They were unnecessary. They were hurtful. They were wrong. But they were also from a very vocal minority. And unfortunately, those out-of-line fans became […]

  • Commentary: The Seahawks finally practiced what they’ve been preaching – and won

    All season long, we heard about Pete Carroll’s winning formula, highlighted by an effective running game and controlling the clock. Today – finally – was the first time we saw that this season. And I couldn’t be more relieved. Frankly, a lot of people were upset about the Seahawks 0-2 start, but I was more upset that the team had gotten there by abandoning the very formula that they had preached all offseason long. The Bears game on Monday Night […]