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  • Commentary: The Astros cheated and are still champions? Horrendous decision by Major League Baseball

    Let’s start by setting the record straight: Major League Baseball found that the Houston Astros cheated throughout the 2017 season, including the playoffs, but did not strip the Astros of their championship. Consider me incredibly confused. To recap: The Astros used cameras and video equipment to steal the signs opposing catchers gave their pitchers. Those signs were then relayed to the batter to let him know whether the next pitch would be a breaking ball or a fastball. Let me […]

  • Commentary: Carroll’s 10-year anniversary in Seattle marks exceptional decade in franchise’s history

    Next Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of the day Pete Carroll was introduced as Seahawks head coach. Said Carroll that day, “I love setting our standards so high that maybe it doesn’t even seem feasible. That’s okay with me.” Which means Carroll is perfectly fine with the lofty expectations set by fans – some, more realistic than others. Pick apart the last ten seasons all you’d like – believe me, I have – and I’ve cringed at some of the […]

  • Best in the West: Seahawks host 49ers for NFC West title

    SEATTLE — Even before the transactions of the week, the hype was building. Heated rivals playing the final game of the NFL regular season with massive implications for the playoffs all centered around the winner claiming the NFC West title. And then for an added layer of drama to Sunday night’s matchup between Seattle and San Francisco, the Seahawks brought back Marshawn Lynch this week for one more ride in a Seattle uniform. A big game? You bet. “This is […]

  • Commentary: Things look bleak, but the opportunity for an NFC West title hasn’t changed one bit

    I feel compelled to let everyone know I have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow, simply because that Seahawks game kind of felt like going to the dentist’s office earlier today. That was rough. And talk about striking a – nerve? – the news about Chris Carson, C.J. Prosise and Duane Brown having to miss next week’s game and likely the rest of the season made the afternoon even more unpleasant for all of us. But I’m not going to use this […]

  • Commentary: Seahawks are a really good team. Are they great? They still can be.

    A couple months ago, with the Seahawks staring at a daunting five-game stretch, I made this declaration: “Right now, the Hawks have one of the best records in the NFC. How good they really are? I’ll be more prepared to answer that question after the game in Carolina on December 15.” So here goes: The Seahawks are a really good team. And they have the potential to be great. There’s no other conclusion I can make when you look at […]

  • Commentary: Remarkable WSU women’s soccer run should overshadow Cougars’ Apple Cup embarrassment

    One of our top stories this weekend comes from Pullman – but unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the football coach from Pullman. “You run your mouth and little column and stuff like some sanctimonious troll,” Leach said to Spokesman-Review columnist John Blanchette, following the Cougars’ 31-13 loss to the Huskies. “You’ve never been fair or even-handed with us, so I really don’t care what you think. Because you’re going to write some nasty stuff anyway like you always do… You […]

  • Commentary: Jeff Bezos interest in Seahawks serves as a reminder of current ownership success under Jody Allen

    We start with the Washington Post’s report of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos having expressed interest in buying the Seahawks, which serves as a reminder of something even more relevant to the franchise’s current situation. Most importantly, the Seahawks are not for sale, nor is there any indication that they will be on the market in the near future. For more than a year since Paul Allen’s passing, the team has continued to thrive under the leadership of Jody Allen, who […]

  • Commentary: Sounders MLS Cup unifies city, community in celebrating a collective title

    SEATTLE — Today was more than a celebration of soccer in this city. Today was a much-needed celebration of our city: a celebration of civic pride – and, for a few hours at least, one unified purpose and cause. MLS Cup 2019 wasn’t just the highest attended soccer match in this state’s history. It set an attendance record for any sporting event ever held at CenturyLink Field. It was a stadium bursting at the seams with people, with energy, with […]

  • Seattle Dragons president talks draft results, schedule release on ‘Q It Up Sports’

    XFL Seattle Dragons president Ryan Gustafson joined Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine on ‘Q It Up Sports’ on Sunday night to discuss the recent XFL draft and schedule release. The Dragons have five home games at CenturyLink Field this season, starting in consecutive weeks on Saturday February 15 and Saturday February 22. Both games will be on Q13 Fox. Interview above.

  • Commentary: Proper evaluation of Seahawks won’t be valid until after upcoming stretch through mid-December

    Halfway into the season, the question is simple: How good are the Seahawks? My answer: We’re about to really find out. Believe me, a 6-2 start has been exceptional – I’m hardly complaining. We all know it’s never easy to win games against anyone in the NFL. But those six wins have come against teams that are a combined 13-31-1 this season, while the two losses have been against teams that are combined 12-3. It basically means that they’ve won […]

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