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  • A man wore a sign to find his wife a kidney donor

    (CNN) — It was a Friday afternoon like any other. I ate lunch, dropped off my dry cleaning, then stopped by my local Target to pick up some prescriptions. But on the way to the counter I noticed a man in a black coat, wearing a backpack bearing a sign: “In need of a kidney for my wife, B+. 917-442-6202.” Unsure what to say, I quickly snapped a photo. And then he was gone. Although I generally hate posting pictures […]

  • CDC: Do not eat ANY Romaine lettuce amid E. coli outbreak

    The Centers for Disease Control came out Tuesday warning everyone in the United States to not eat any romaine lettuce.

  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance offers free yoga class for patients

    A new Integrative Medicine program at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance combines stress-relieving therapies with conventional cancer treatment to help patients cope with the side effects of treatment.

  • UW Medicine using cutting-edge technology to help locate breast tumors

    Until recently, surgery to remove tissue and tumors involved invasive wires but cutting-edge technology at UW Medicine aims to change that.

  • Parkland McDonald’s temporarily closes due to rat infestation

    A Parkland McDonald's is closed for food safety concerns after complaints of rats running around the fast food restaurant.

  • Ezra Meeker: The influence Puyallup’s first mayor still has on the city today

    The planning of Puyallup began in 1877, conducted by Ezra Meeker- a man who traveled the Oregon trail for five months with his family all the way from Iowa, to Portland, before eventually settling in Washington in 1862.

  • Picha Farms: Puyallup family farm since 1904

    PUYALLUP, Wash.—Puyallup is known for having the richest soil in the world. Farmers there say you can dig and dig and never hit a rock. The Picha family knows that better than anyone – they have farmed in the Puyallup Valley for 114 years. Brothers Dan and Russ Picha share a lot in common. They’re both teachers in the Puyallup School District. They’re both family men. They both love sports. They both have contagious laughs. And they’re both farmers. On […]

  • Man with goal to run a marathon in all 59 U.S. National Parks heads to the Evergreen State

    SEATTLE, Wash.– A New York City based consultant decided to take some time off to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Parks. Most people would just go on a hike to say “Happy Birthday” to the National Park Service, but Bill Sycalik is going 26.2 miles farther. He has vowed to run a marathon in all 59 national parks. Fittingly, he ran his 12th marathon right here in the land of the 12’s over the weekend in the North […]

  • Mom documents the adventures boy and his toy truck have together

    A mom from Washington documents the moments her son shares with his Little Tikes Cozy Truck and posts them on her photography Facebook page in an album titled “The Adventures of Miles.” He may have to sign his license with a crayon for now, but we think he is the cutest driver on the road!

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