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  • Sea-Tac’s new International Arrivals Facility behind schedule, $300M over budget

    SEATTLE — A major makeover at Sea-Tac International Airport is far over budget and behind schedule. The Port of Seattle says the International Arrivals Terminal at Sea-Tac is the most complex project in the airport’s history. The cost overruns and delays sparked the Port to commission an independent review panel to look at the project. They released their review and recommendations Tuesday. Sea-Tac is the 9th busiest airport in the country, with about 47 million passengers traveling through every year. […]

  • Tacoma teachers will vote Tuesday whether to authorize strike

    Some school districts across the region have reached settlements averting a strike before the start of the school year, but Tacoma Public Schools are still in limbo.

  • Despite criticism by others, Russian-American in Seattle calls Trump-Putin summit ‘really good’

    SEATTLE — The meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting a lot of negative reaction from congressional leaders, but in Seattle at least one Russian is praising the meeting as a step forward in international relations. “He took the word of the KGB over the word of the men and women of the CIA,” Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York said of Trump. “Today was a terrible day for the American brand, for the […]

  • Supporters, critics react to Seattle’s gun safety measure

    SEATTLE — Gun owners in Seattle could now face up to a $10,000 fine if they don’t safely store firearms. The Seattle City Council on Monday unanimously passed an ordinance that requires the safe storage of firearms inside Seattle city limits. “It has a fingerprint reader,” Wade Gaughren said as he popped open a gun safe in his gun shop. Locking up your gun is now closer to becoming law in Seattle. The ordinance doesn’t surprise Wade Gaughren, owner of […]

  • $10,000 reward offered for information in 3 overnight arson cases

    FEDERAL WAY – Police are looking for someone who set fire to several cars in a neighborhood overnight. Police say each of the arsons happened in the Twin Lake neighborhood. “It’s a big, big shock, that’s for sure,” said Jordan Jenkins, who was taking a look at his car today. He used his ’99 Honda Civic to commute to work in Kent daily. “I am angry, just because it was a good commuter car for me,” Jenkins said. He says […]

  • Local theatre company welcomes people with autism or sensory disorders

    KIRKLAND, Wash. — Children on the autism spectrum can behave in ways that are not predictable which often means families have to skip out on activities. A local theatre company decided the arts is something no family should have to miss because of autism or any other social or sensory disorders. The Storybook Theatre on the Eastside puts on plays all around the greater Seattle area. The plays about human relationships between people who have a sensory disorder and those […]

  • Five arrested after counter-protesters tangle with conservatives at UW rally

    SEATTLE – A shredded American flag, fights breaking out, the strong smell of sage overtaking Red Square and shouting across police barricades was the scene at the University of Washington campus on Saturday. “We’re here to fight back against the far right and fascism on our campus,” said one of the speakers opposing the group “Patriot Prayer” and their on-campus rally. More than a thousand people marched to the rally at Red Square opposing College Republicans who invited “Patriot Prayer,” […]

  • What’s killing the salmon? Long Live the Kings investigates decline in iconic fish

    Solving the mystery is what nonprofit Long Live the Kings is working on, and thanks to a grant from Microsoft, technology is helping the nonprofit develop a comprehensive model to find clues to solve it.

  • ‘Housing Hope’ in Marysville becomes early Christmas gift for single mom, daughter

    MARYSVILLE, Wash.  — “This is our home baby!” single mother Sarah Brown exclaimed as she walked into her apartment for the first time in Marysville. “This is your bedroom,” Brown said to her daughter as she looked around the home. This apartment is the first place she’s called home after addiction put her on the street. “Once I dropped my addiction and got sober, it seemed like things started falling into place for me,” said Brown. Brown and her daughter […]

  • Residents, road crews prepare for potentially snowy Sunday morning

    SEATTLE — “It’s one to three inches,” said Patrick King, out shopping for supplies ahead of the snow forecasted to hit the Puget Sound area. The first thing King is thinking of protecting: his grill. “Definitely a change from summer, so we’re getting a grill cover,” King said. King says he’s lived in the Seattle area long enough and doesn’t go all out getting ready for winter, but he pays the price for that lack of prep too. “We usually […]