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As a former police officer, it is an honor to work with law enforcement again. I have the rare privilege of also working with families and friends who are victims of homicide and other violent crimes – being able to be an extension of their voice is what propels my desire to cover cold cases and murder mysteries.
I also believe that educating the community on the day-to-day operations of a police force is important and while I am no longer an undercover officer, I still get to chase bad guys – it’s something that never gets old to me and when we catch one, I get a rush of excitement.
To know that we are working to make our community safer is what gives my job meaning. I see the positive effects of our show every single day, and that is why I do what I do.

Recent Articles
  • Cold case database: Crime-fighting computer program helping heat up unsolved child killings

    TACOMA — What do you get when you add technology that can help investigate cold cases to a computer program designed to help manage emergencies? You get a breakthrough crime-fighting system called WebEOC — and it’s helping a Tacoma Police detective heat up two of her coldest cases. In 1986, two young girls from Tacoma were sexually assaulted and murdered. 12-year-old Michella Welch and 13-year-old Jenny Bastian were killed just five months apart. Tacoma police think the same man killed […]

  • Murder Mystery: Did online dating lead to killing of Spanaway man, arson of his home?

    KILLER WANTED IN PIERCE COUNTY — Pierce County detectives are hoping you can help solve the murder of a man inside his Spanaway home in 2013. The killer also set his house on fire — but left behind lots of evidence. “It really is kind of a mystery,” says detective Brian Lund with the Pierce county sheriff’s office. It was 4:30am on a Wednesday morning.  Lund continues “The fire department had been called, the neighbor’s came out and noticed smoke […]

  • Neurocop: Behind the scenes with how brain’s being used to boost police training

    As law enforcement training continues to evolve, so does the science, including a new technique now being taught to help officers handle high stress calls. Dr. Jonathan Page is an Asst. Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and the author of the book “Neurocop.” He is helping police officers deal with extreme stress by giving them techniques from years of research. “I started finding the research telling police officers that when you’re under stress that’s not good, it results in tunnel […]

  • Murder Mystery: Help solve murder of father gunned down outside family’s front door

    KILLER WANTED IN KENT — It was early in the morning when a husband and father getting ready to leave for work was murdered outside his home. “It just feels empty,” says Cindy Doeum, the sister of Sayha Doeum speaking for the first time about her brother’s murder. She continues, “My brother didn’t deserve it. He didn’t have any enemies and he had no involvement in anything and it just doesn’t make sense.” Sayha was getting ready to leave for […]

  • Smart 911: New service lets people be proactive about emergency planning

    SEATTLE — An estimated 240 million calls are made to 911 in the United States each year and more than half are done using cell phones. But, because the data from wireless phones are limited there’s a new option that allows you to get vital information to 911 operators as soon as your call is connected. “There have been cases in other states where it has saved lives,” says King County’s Enhanced 911 Program Manager, Marlys Davis. She’s talking about […]

  • Earthquake Preparedness: Experts show how to be ready if `Big One` hits Washington

    SEATTLE — Washington state sees more than a thousand small, harmless earthquakes every year. But, experts say the “Big One” could hit at any time — bringing serious danger and disaster to the area. So, to help people protect themselves and their families, I spoke to an expert about the potentially life-saving ways you can prepare and the simple thing you should do right now to stay safe if a massive earthquake ever strikes. “Washington is earthquake country,” says John […]

  • New firearms training aims at better protecting police amid rise in officer killings

    BURIEN — It’s a terrible trend that needs to stop: Police officers being killed in the the ‘line of duty.’ It’s happening more  and more — almost 100 officers have been murdered just this year. To help better protect police, the Washington State Law Enforcement Academy is changing their firearms training and using technology to create a new generation of officer safety. “This is new to most agencies and they use it on a limited basis, so they don’t really […]

  • ‘Operation Safe Summer:’ Special classes teach families gun safety

    EVERETT — Millions of Americans own firearms and have them in their homes — that means it’s critical kids know about gun safety. In our last ‘Operation Safe Summer’ of the year, we go inside a classroom where both parents and kids are being taught an important life or death lesson. “People ask us all the time at what age is knowing gun safety appropriate? The earlier the better,” says Stephanie Kerns, owner of West Coast Armory North in Everett. […]

  • Dead man found atop Mt. Si not only body found same day — two mysteries many miles apart

    SEATTLE — The state medical examiner`s office needs your help identifying two men who were discovered on the same day, but hundreds of miles and decades apart in death. Though their cases are not related — the mystery of who they are is. A pair of Nike shoes popular in the mid-1990’s is just one of the clues found with the remains of a man discovered on June 17th, who Dr. Kathy Taylor is trying to identify. “He was camping […]

  • ‘Operation Safe Summer:’ Self-defense expert teaches how to protect yourself when you’re unarmed

    EVERETT — If someone attacked you while you walked down the street would you know how to protect yourself? In WMW’s latest ‘Operation Safe Summer,’ a safety expert shows self-defense tactics that could save your life — even if you’re unarmed. Ben Olmsted is an instructor for Insights Training Center and teaches their unarmed self-defense course. “If we don’t have the luxury of having a pocket knife or pepper spray with us or even a hand gun for that matter […]

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