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As a former police officer, it is an honor to work with law enforcement again. I have the rare privilege of also working with families and friends who are victims of homicide and other violent crimes – being able to be an extension of their voice is what propels my desire to cover cold cases and murder mysteries.
I also believe that educating the community on the day-to-day operations of a police force is important and while I am no longer an undercover officer, I still get to chase bad guys – it’s something that never gets old to me and when we catch one, I get a rush of excitement.
To know that we are working to make our community safer is what gives my job meaning. I see the positive effects of our show every single day, and that is why I do what I do.

Recent Articles
  • Mercille Brown murder: Family still fears mother’s uncaught killer 40 years later; detectives still trying to solve case

    KILLER WANTED IN SEATTLE — Seattle Police detectives believe the killer of a Seattle woman four decades ago this weekend — can still be caught — and the victim`s family is hoping someone can make that happen. “She was a very giving person, loved her family,” Lateefah says, talking about her aunt. She was just two years old when Mercille Brown was murdered. “According to my mother and other family members she was a very loving individual and she dedicated […]

  • `Caged No More:` Writer talks about new film fighting human trafficking

    SEATTLE — It’s a movie with a big message. “The goal is to get a conversation started in the homes across America,” says Molly Venzke, author and screenwriter for the film “Caged No More.” Venzke continues, “The more that I found out that this was an issue and that it was happening on American soil, I had to be a part, I had to do something.” She decided to author a book and send all the proceeds to “Trafficking Hope” […]

  • WMW joins undercover sex sting to bust online predators trying to prey on young kids

    TACOMA — Washington’s Most Wanted’s Parella Lewis recently joined an undercover sting operation where agents pretended to be kids and grown men and women showed up at a home to have sex with them – a disturbing reality that’s happening every day. “There`s a serious problem with people preying on our children,” says Det. Sgt. Carlos Rodriguez. He heads Washington State Patrol’s Missing and Exploited Children Task Force, spending his days hunting people looking for sex with minors. “Unfortunately, there […]

  • Holiday home security: Police give tips to not become package theft prey

    It’s the weekend before Christmas and all through the streets are packages and presents waiting for thieves. “During the year package theft isn’t a big ticket item, but during the holidays people know that everybody is going to get packages to their home,” says Det. Amanda Jenson with Bellevue Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit. She adds that if we are home, we should let the delivery person know. “They don’t always ring your doorbell to deliver your package so even […]

  • Conviction Careers: Special program helps ex-cons get new careers

    LYNNWOOD — Second chances can be hard to come by, especially if you have a criminal record, but one organization in Lynnwood is helping give hundreds of people just that — a second chance at life! “I would drive around and I’d try to find a job and when I was not successful I turned to what I know the most which is I know who I can call, how I can call them and where I can go to […]

  • Murder Mystery: Thanksgiving cold case of murdered homeless woman gets new life from strangers

    KILLER WANTED IN SEATTLE — Ten years ago this Thanksgiving, a homeless woman was murdered on the streets in Seattle. Police are still looking for her killer and now a group of strangers have now joined the hunt to get her justice. “It was back on Thanksgiving Day, 2005, November 24th,” says Seattle Police Det. Rolf Norton. “There were a couple of transients in the area that were walking along,” Norton continues. “And they saw a fire next to a […]

  • As days get darker sooner, tactic expert teaches self-protection, ‘awareness before defense’

    The sun is setting earlier nowadays, so we talked to a tactics expert about protecting yourself on the street in these darker days. “The first thing we tell anyone is awareness before defense. I mean let’s be honest, who wants to get into a fight,” asks Jesus Villahermosa, a former SWAT team member and owner of Crisis Reality Training. “There’s one author that wrote women have this syndrome called the “feminist masochistic attitude,” Villahermosa continues. “And what it means is, […]

  • With El Nino in effect, how much snow and other craziness should we expect this winter?

    SEATTLE – Skiers and snowboarders are beside themselves with the recent snow in the mountains and talk of area ski resorts opening this week. But that excitement is also met with hesitation thanks to the looking arrival of “El Nino,” the warmer than average weather pattern that we are locked into until spring. So, will the heavy snow in the mountains continue all winter? The short answer: probably not. Logan Johnson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle, […]

  • Holiday hacker harm: Security expert gives warning about cyber criminals targeting tech toys

    It`s that time of year where we start to make our list and check it twice and if you`re like a lot of people and your holiday gifts will involve technology — we have a warning for you. I talked to an expert about how hackers can get inside your home through devices you may think are harmless. “We as consumers are under attack constantly,” explains Chad Larsen, Director of Technical Services at Leviathan Security Group. And he should know, […]

  • Crime fighting car computers: License plate readers help catch killers, stolen cars

    KING COUNTY — License plate readers used by law enforcement made headlines recently after a trooper tracked down a gunman who murdered a Virginia reporter and photographer live on air. It was the trooper’s first time using the technology when she got an alert the killer had just passed her on the highway. The Washington State Patrol showed me other ways the plate readers help fight crime, as I sat shotgun on a hunt for stolen cars. “It reads license […]

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