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As a former police officer, it is an honor to work with law enforcement again. I have the rare privilege of also working with families and friends who are victims of homicide and other violent crimes – being able to be an extension of their voice is what propels my desire to cover cold cases and murder mysteries.
I also believe that educating the community on the day-to-day operations of a police force is important and while I am no longer an undercover officer, I still get to chase bad guys – it’s something that never gets old to me and when we catch one, I get a rush of excitement.
To know that we are working to make our community safer is what gives my job meaning. I see the positive effects of our show every single day, and that is why I do what I do.

Recent Articles
  • WMW gets firsthand look at motorcycle training; ‘most difficult’ law enforcement program

    RENTON — The training to become a motorcycle officer is said to be one of the most challenging in law enforcement. I recently went to the academy to see what it takes to become an officer on two wheels — and ended up getting a ride to remember. “The average motorcycle rider just doesn’t know what they don’t know,” explains Master Instructor for Renton Police Department’s Motorcycle School, Ofc. Marty Leverton. And that’s why officers come from all over the […]

  • Man sentenced to 34 years for killing Tacoma prostitute who was mother of 6

    SENTENCING UPDATE April 14, 2016 — Brandon Farmer was sentenced to more than 33 years in prison for the 2006 shooting death of Velma Tirado. “Our cold-case project continues its string of successes,” said Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. “Justice was delayed, but not denied. Collaboration between the Tacoma Police Department, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and our office has resulted in several convictions with more to come.” CASE UPDATE April 1, 2016 — On Friday, a jury convicted Brandon Farmer of murder […]

  • Behind the Scenes: How forensic scientists fight crime by analyzing handwriting

    SEATTLE — Analyzing handwriting to help solve crimes isn`t just something you see in the movies — it`s real! I got a first-hand look at how forensic scientists do it and why our imprints are so unique. “It can be writing on a wall, writing on an object, so a variety of things,” WSP forensic scientist Brett Bishop explains about document examinations and handwriting. He is one of only three in the state who specializes in this for Washington State […]

  • Mason County detectives re-investigating 1998 case of missing Belfair mother, Deborah Simmons

    MASON COUNTY — It’s been 18 years since a mother vanished from her home in Belfair. Mason county detectives are now re-investigating Deborah Simmons’ disappearance and her family is hoping to finally get the answers they deserve. “She was the life of the party, she was always fun and feisty. One thing I always loved about her is that she can always make anyone feel better,” Ginny Ray recalls about her mother. She is the only daughter of Deborah Simmons. […]

  • Nick Cummings missing: Family, detectives hope you can help find West Seattle man more than decade after disappearance

    MISSING IN SEATTLE — It’s been 14 years since Nick Cummings simply vanished from West Seattle. I traced his last known location in hopes that you can help detectives find him. “Nick was a really funny person,” says his sister, Emily. “He lived life to the fullest. He traveled a lot. He had a really close group of friends growing up. He really had a good sense of humor, kind of a corny sense of humor. Very sarcastic, just made everyone […]

  • Burglars beware: New Pierce County Proactive Property Crimes Unit tasked with protecting your stuff

    PIERCE COUNTY — If you`ve ever had someone invade your home to steal your stuff — you know the horrible feeling that hits hard. In Pierce County, a brand new team of crime fighters are helping protect homeowners and businesses. “We’re actively arresting a lot of people committing property crimes,” says Det. Sgt. John Delgado with Pierce County’s Pro- Active Property Crimes Unit. It’s newly formed and has already seen over a dozen arrests in less than two months, due […]

  • WMW goes miles up mountain for snowy search and rescue training

    KING COUNTY — Helping a missing hiker on Mt. Si recently is just one of the latest perilous calls King County Search and Rescue has answered this winter and in between the dozens of rescue missions — they only get better. They took me seven miles up a mountain to a snowy training area near Snoqualmie that allows the team to prepare for — and survive — the worst. “It’s been really busy for us. Over the weekends, we get […]

  • Murder Mystery: Detectives hope you can help solve teen’s murder that shook small town almost 30 years ago

    MASON COUNTY — The murder of a teen girl shook the town of Shelton almost 30 years ago. Mason County detectives have never given up the search to find her killer and now they’re hoping you can help them crack the case. “Everybody kind of knew everybody. And certainly anytime anything like this happens it kind of rocks that foundation. You lose a little bit of your innocence,” says Detective Jeff Rhoades with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. He’s talking […]

  • Mike Compton murder: Killed in own front yard — with own gun; help solve case that shocked small town

    ORTING — It was three years ago today that an Orting man was shot and killed in his front yard — with his own gun. Orting’s police chief sat down with me for a rare interview, along with several other agencies working the case, to ask for your help solving Mike Compton’s murder. It was 2 a.m. in the morning on February 19th, 2014 when detectives say he interrupted a burglary in his garage and was killed with his own shotgun. […]

  • Celia Victor murder: DNA leads to big breakthrough, real name of woman killed in 1988

    KING COUNTY — There’s been a break in the case of a woman murdered in 1988 whose remains were found along a fence at a freight company in Seattle. For years, the only name detectives had to go on was the one she gave police during a previous arrest,`Rita Lang.` Now, King County detectives have identified her and notified her family, as the search for her killer continues. “Her real name is Celia Victor and she had a couple of […]

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