COVID-19 in Washington: Links and resources to help you during coronavirus pandemic

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  • Nurses at Bellingham hospital speak out about issues with PPE: ‘It’s something I feel called to do, but I don’t want to risk my life to do it’

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. — PeaceHealth St.Joseph Medical Center continues to face controversy after reportedly firing a longtime emergency room doctor after he spoke out publicly, questioning how prepared the hospital is for the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve heard from several St. Joseph nurses who say they support Dr. Ming Lin and are deeply saddened that he’ll no longer be working aside them. But like Dr.Lin has recently said, their focus is not to criticize their hospital, it’s to educate the public and […]

  • ‘We’re fighting this blind’: Bellingham ER doctor speaks out before losing his job

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A veteran emergency room physician has reportedly been fired from a Bellingham hospital after publicly voicing concerns about how the hospital has been handling COVID-19. Dr. Ming Lin worked in the ER at Peace Health St. Jospeh’s Medical Center for nearly 18 years before he says he was fired on Friday. We spoke with Dr. Lin the evening before he terminated. He told us he was concerned about how speaking out could affect his job, but felt it […]

  • Family shares emotional journey with COVID-19

    "I think people often think of worst case scenarios, and we want them to know there's also some best case scenarios, too."

  • Facility for homeless women is determined to stay open during COVID-19 crisis

    As we contentiously hear the message to stay in our homes, you might wonder, what about the homeless? One local organization is still running despite the challenges and risks. They say the people they serve are viewed as their family, and they’re not closing the door on them, especially when they need their help more than ever. For many Seattle women, the Elizabeth Gregory Home literally helps them survive. “I get my mail here, I take my showers, I do […]

  • ‘It bothers me to my core’: Bellevue PD says COVID-19 is fueling racist threats

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — Concerns of racism and attacks on people have been voiced worldwide, as disturbing videos of Asian Americans being attacked by strangers emerge on social media. The attacks stem from panic of COVID-19, and one local police department fears this behavior is happening here in Washington far more than any of us know about. “It bothers me to my core. It’s just wrong, and I’m offended by it,” Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett said. It all started a […]

  • Fayetteville, N.C.

    ‘A lot of first-time buyers’: Gun sales surge amid COVID-19 outbreak

    For the past three weeks, gun shop owners have been hit with new business like a ton of bricks. And as one gun store owner observed, "it's a lot of first-time buyers."

  • Experts urge you to take care of your mental health amid COVID-19 outbreak

    SEATTLE — Whether you’re someone who already struggled with anxiety or not, the past couple weeks have been incredibly stressful. While we continue to focus so much on our physical health, experts urge us not to forget about our mental health. “Take this time as a time for rest, if you can, and that’s going to look really different for a wide array of people,” says Seattle psychotherapist Kristene Kaim. Kaim specializes in anxiety, something she’s seeing a lot of […]

  • Seattle animal adoptions down nearly 50% amid COVID-19 outbreak

    SEATTLE — As we all continue to combat the spread of COVID-19, virtually every business and nonprofit is affected, including animal shelters. Not only are employees navigating how to continue to safely do their job like the rest of us, they’re also seeing a big decrease in pet adoptions. “Our adoptions are down by almost 50%, so that speaks to what’s happening in the community,” says Seattle Animal Shelter director Ann Graves. The Seattle Animal Shelter is proof: what’s happening […]

  • Many funerals postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19

    As Washington state continues to combat the spread of COVID-19, those saying goodbye to loved ones are having to do so under strict guidelines. “It’s not that we can’t have a ceremony, we’re just going to have to change how that looks and who is allowed to attend and the number of people,” says Russ Weeks, president of Weeks Family Funeral Homes. Washington state currently prohibits gatherings of 50 or more people, and smaller gatherings are only allowed if social […]

  • How COVID-19 is impacting local law enforcement response

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — In the midst of dealing with COVID-19, law enforcement is one of the jobs that can’t be done from home. But like all of us, they are making some changes. “Right now is a strange time for police officers. It’s different, but we’re doing our job every day,” says Major Andrew Popochock with the Bellevue Police Department. Like many agencies across the state, Bellevue Police officers are trying to adjust to current circumstances. “There is one specific […]

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