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My name is Marni Hughes and I anchor the evening news at 4,5, 9, 10 and 11 pm. I joined the amazing team at Q13 in 2011.

What I love most about local news is that it informs people about their communities and brings neighbors together. It’s about facts and trust, listening and sharing stories.

I love being a journalist, meeting new people everyday, sharing their ups and downs and building strong relationships in the place I call home.

I am especially interested in helping people live healthier lives. You can catch my “Healthy Living” segments each week on Q13. Make sure to send me topics or ideas you think I should be covering.

Recent Articles
  • Healthy Living: Caring for a person living with Alzheimer’s is a 24/7 job

    June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month in Washington State and a time to increase people’s understanding of the disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 110,000 people in Washington state are living with Alzheimer’s.  Another 348,000 are helping care for a loved one with the disease. “Dementia is devastating, both emotionally and financially,” said Carrie McBride, the communications director for the Washington State Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  She also says it’s a long and difficult […]

  • 67-year-old FlowRider masters skill to prove ‘older generations still have juice’

    SNOHOMISH, Wash. — It’s never too late to try a new skill.  Just ask Julia Hawkins and Craig Edwards. At 103 years old, Julia recently set a new senior games record in the 50-meter dash.  Julia, a Louisiana resident who earned the nickname “Hurricane,” says she didn’t start running until she turned 101.  Hurricane is also a world record holder for her age group in the 100-meter run.  Her top finish is just under 40 seconds. As for Craig, the […]

  • Healthy Living: Dementia is not a normal part of aging

    If you’re seeing a lot of people wearing purple this month, or landmarks lighting up in the hue… it’s because June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.   According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is the only cause of death among the top 10 in the United States that can’t be prevented, cured or even slowed.  It’s also the most common cause of dementia, a term for memory loss and cognitive changes severe enough to interfere with daily living. “Many people believe […]

  • Healthy Living: CBD & Hemp mean big business for wellness industry

    If it seems like you’re seeing more products containing CBD or cannabidiol and hemp, it’s because you are. Nutritionist Deboarh Enos has spent the last several months researching CBD and stopped by the Q13 studio to share a few of the products being touted for the health benefits. Note: FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information provided in or through use during this segment is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your […]

  • Healthy Living: Nutritionist calls regulation of CBD infused products the ‘Wild, Wild West’

    CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound found in hemp plants and you’re likely hearing a lot more about it because it is part of a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry.  In fact, companies in the business of health and wellness are touting the benefits of CBD for both mind and body.  Since CBD is growing in popularity, people are very curious about what it is, the potential health benefits and risks. Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Deborah Enos stopped by the Q13 […]

  • exercise

    Healthy Living: Exercise may help moms struggling with anxiety

    While anyone can experience anxiety from time to time, Dr. Gregory Jantz, the founder of The Center, A Place of Hope says he’s seeing more moms struggling with anxiety. “I think it’s important to talk about because anxiety means physical symptoms,” said Dr. Jantz.  While he says worrying is normal, anxiety is really a fear that can affect a person’s well-being, sleep and overall health. Moms in particular can find themselves feeling anxious, whether it’s striking a work-life balance or […]

  • Healthy Living: The time is now to join the fight against pediatric brain cancer

    May is Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Month and all this week, Q13 is shining the spotlight on three local kids who have battled this devastating disease in the hope that their stories spark more awareness, understanding and action. Lucas Bride is 5-years-old.  He loves playing outside and karate.  Lucas is also into sports and spending time with his parents, Christine and Travis Bride and little sister Vivian. Last summer, Lucas was a healthy, growing boy, who rarely got anything more […]

  • Healthy Living: 14-year-old helping raise awareness for pediatric brain cancers

    May is Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Month and this week, Q13 Fox is featuring 3 local kids who have battled this devastating disease in an effort to learn more about their fight and how we can all get involved. Roarke Hufford is 14-years-old and lives in Issaquah, Washington with his family.  Roarke is a busy teen who likes to ride his bike, play tennis and go camping.  In 2017, Roarke was diagnosed with a pure germ cell tumor.  It’s a […]

  • Healthy Living: Doctor calls lack of funding for pediatric cancer research a ‘public health crisis’

    May is Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Month and this week on Q13 News is highlighting three local kids who are battling a very tough and scary disease in an effort to learn more about the fight and the need for better treatments. Danica Taylor is 3-years-old from Skagway, Alaska.  She loves to dance and run barefoot in the dirt.  Danica is into music, play-dough and watching Frozen. At just 21-months-old, Danica was diagnosed with a rare and fast-growing tumor of […]

  • Healthy Living: 3D human cell model could unlock answers in cancer fight

    If you have taken a drive through South Lake Union in Seattle, chances are you have passed by the Allen Institute for Cell Science.  Now researchers behind those walls have released the first comprehensive 3D model of human cell division called the Integrated Mitotic Stem Cell.  The hope is that detailed 3D models will give scientists a baseline to study cells and eventually lead to a better understanding of diseases like cancer. “We want to understand the cell and all […]

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