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My name is Marni Hughes and I anchor the evening news at 4,5, 9, 10 and 11 pm. I joined the amazing team at Q13 in 2011.

What I love most about local news is that it informs people about their communities and brings neighbors together. It’s about facts and trust, listening and sharing stories.

I love being a journalist, meeting new people everyday, sharing their ups and downs and building strong relationships in the place I call home.

I am especially interested in helping people live healthier lives. You can catch my “Healthy Living” segments each week on Q13. Make sure to send me topics or ideas you think I should be covering.

Recent Articles
  • Healthy Living: The benefits of probiotics

    SEATTLE — What are probiotics? Drinks like kombucha, and other fermented foods, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Nutritionist Deborah Enos says probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria in a person’s gut which can drastically improve how a person feels.

  • Healthy Living: History matters when it comes to the measles

    Measles cases continue to steadily grow across the country, but an outbreak is over in New York City where the most cases developed.  City officials in the Big Apple say no new cases have been reported since mid-July. That said, more than 650 people have been diagnosed with measles since October 2018, making up a big portion of this year’s 12-hundred plus cases.  In Washington State, there have been 86 total cases over the course of two different outbreaks.  Fifteen […]

  • Healthy Living: Are you getting enough fiber?

    Dietary guidelines for Americans suggest men should be getting 33-plus grams of fiber a day.  For women, it’s 28-plus grams.  Problem is, most of us aren’t getting near that amount. “Most people do not meet this goal,” said nutritionist Deborah Enos.  “The average fiber intake in the United States is 17 grams, and only 5% of people meet the adequate daily intake.” Enos says there are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. “Soluble fiber is soft and it dissolves […]

  • Healthy Living: Doctors say, ‘Don’t wait, vaccinate!’

    Back to school is right around the corner and parents are the first one’s with homework.    This year in Washington State, the legislature passed a bill that no longer allows parents to opt out of required school vaccines for personal or philosophical reasons.   So if you want to avoid long lines and busy doctor’s offices… don’t wait to make an appointment. Q13’s Marni Hughes sat down with Dr. Ari Gilmore from Pacific Medical Centers to talk about immunizations. Why […]

  • Healthy Living: Combating swimmer’s ear

    With all this warm weather, lots of kids are in and out of the water to stay cool.  The last thing you want is a trip to the doctor’s office with swimmer’s ear. Unfortunately, doctors say swimmer’s ear is really common during the summer.  The good news is there are some things you can do to prevent it. First, try to keep ears as dry as possible using swim caps and ear plugs.  Dry off ears with a towel and […]

  • Healthy Living: Protecting your skin and spotting signs of trouble

    We love to see the sun, especially during the summer months… But we also know the more time we spend in the sun, the more at risk we are for damaging our skin. Dr. Drew Oliveira with Regence BlueShield stopped by the Q13 studio to talk to Marni Hughes about the risk of skin cancer and the best ways to protect yourself. Dr. Oliveira says everyone is at risk for skin cancer, but people with lighter skin, people with freckles, […]

  • Healthy Living: The world’s ‘Blue Zones’ may reveal secret to longer life

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to hit the gym every week to stay in shape… Or what if meeting with your friends in the afternoon to share some laughs and a drink could add years to your life? If you’re still not sold.  How about the notion that attending a faith-based service four times a month could tack on another 4-14 years life expectancy. Well… that’s the idea behind the world’s ‘Blue Zones’, places in the world […]

  • Healthy Living: The # 1 mistake people make before heading out into the sun

    With summer in full swing, many of us are looking for ways to soak in some rays.  Experts say it only takes 10 to 15 minutes in the sun before you can start burning. Dr. Paul Nghiem with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and UW Dermatology says the biggest mistake people make before heading out into the sun is not being prepared.  He says there are 4 main ways to protect your skin… Avoid the middle part of the day […]

  • Healthy Living: Happiness in the water

    Research published in the journal of Environmental Psychology finds ‘blue spaces’ like rivers, lakes or the ocean can help our minds move into a meditative state lowering stress levels, heart rates and in the end… make you happier.  Think about it, many of us are willing to pay more for a view of the water, whether it’s a hotel room or a home.  So there must be a reason for it.  Researchers also say people who sleep close to nature […]

  • Healthy Living: UW gets multi-million dollar grant to study sudden cardiac arrest

    The American Heart Association is pumping almost 4-million dollars into the University of Washington, opening the door for researchers to study sudden cardiac arrest and arrhythmia’s in order to develop, test and implement innovative new ways to prevent and treat the potentially deadly conditions. Each year in the United States, it’s estimated 350,000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest which happens when the heart suddenly stops beating.  It’s primarily due to an abnormal heart rhythm called an arrhythmia.  According to […]

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