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  • LimeLight Pet Project: Meet Charlotte and Flora

    SEATTLE – Q13 is partnering with the LimeLight Pet Project to help Charlotte and Flora get adopted. They are sister cats from PAWS Cat City who are looking to be adopted together. Both are a little shy, so the pair will do well in a home that is willing to give them time to come out of their shells. If you are interested in adopting Charlotte and Flora, reach out to PAWS Cat City.

  • Suspect dead, two officers hospitalized after shooting in Federal Way

    A suspect is dead and two officers were rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning after a shooting in Federal Way.

  • PEMCO Insurance: Commuting preferences in the Northwest

    SEATTLE- It is safe to say that people in the Northwest support shared transit. Washingtonians voted for the light rail, the sounder expansion and swift bus lines, and in a lot of cities, shared bikes and electric scooters are everywhere. How likely are Washingtonians to actually use those commuting alternatives ourselves? We spoke to the experts at PEMCO Insurance about a poll they put together, that suggests many who live in the Northwest still prefer rolling solo.

  • PEMCO Insurance: Why auto insurance rates go up

    SEATTLE – Most of us are no longer a teenager, our car is getting older and we haven`t racked up a bunch of tickets or accidents; so why does it seem like the price for car insurance never seems to go down? Q13 sat down with the experts at PEMCO to find out. “As strange as it sounds, there are some good things driving up the trend,” Underwriting Analyst Brad Kormylo said. “We have a strong economy, low gas prices, […]

  • LimeLight Pet Project: Meet Hercules!

    . SEATTLE – If you’re looking to add a pet to the family, look no further. Q13 is partnering with the LimeLight Pet Project to help Hercules get adopted. He is a two-year-old Anatolian Shepherd mix with bundles of energy. Hercules is new to the Homeward Pet adoption center in Woodinville, and his handlers say his personality really stands out. Along with his king and playful nature, Hercules is always ready to be on the move. Adoption counselors say he […]

  • PEMCO Insurance: More car accidents likely when Seahawks lose

    SEATTLE- A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is giving Seattle another reason to cheer hard for the Seahawks. The study looked at 31 NFL stadiums across the country to see what effect game days had on traffic accidents. Q13 spoke to the experts at PEMCO Insurance about the results and why it is important for Seahawks fans to be vigilant behind the wheel on game days. “What they found was not a huge surprise,” Communications Manager Derek […]

  • LimeLight Pet Project: Meet Ramona!

    SEATTLE- If you’re looking for a loving pet to add to your family, then look no further. Q13 is partnering with the limelight pet project to help Ramona get adopted. “She is very, very playful,” Joni Cervenka with Meow Cat Rescue said. “She tends to be very very interested in people, and she very much wants to see whats going on outside her suite.” Ramona has been at ‘meow cat rescue’ in Kirkland since January. She is almost six years […]

  • LimeLight Pet Project: Meet Maslin!

    SEATTLE – If you’re looking to add a new member or two to your family, why not consider some goats? Q13 is partnering with the Limelight Pet Project to help Maslin get adopted. He’s a four month old La Mancha packed full of personality. “He likes to untie shoe laces, pull down zippers, he’s a big kisser, he likes to give kisses, he’s just very playful,” Director of Puget Sound Goat Rescue Barbara Jamison said. “You just have to realize […]

  • PEMCO Insurance: Safely sharing the road with bicyclists

    SEATTLE – The City of Seattle recently committed to including protected bike lanes in certain new paving projects. It’s part of the city’s push to unclog streets and make them safer for everyone. Q13 spoke to the experts at PEMCO Insurance about what protected bike lanes are and why the city’s growing network of protected bike lanes still requires plenty of caution. “A protected bike lane is one where there is a barrier of some sort between the traffic lanes […]

  • PEMCO Insurance: DIY home renovation do’s and don’ts

      SEATTLE – Now that fall’s here, we’ll all be spending more time indoors. For some of us, that means looking at our old kitchens and carpets, and thinking, “I really need to say goodbye to the nineties!” Derek Wing from PEMCO Insurance stopped by the Q13 News studio to share some remodeling tips to help us make sure we don’t get in over our heads.

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