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  • What do teens want? The answer may surprise you

    Teens are busy. They have school and extracurricular activities. Socializing, dating and volunteering. There’s little time left for much else. But the teens that spoke with Q13 last month at a panel discussion said they want to make time — for family. “Something that I wish my family would do more is have family dinners,” said Daniel Lee, a junior at Olympia High School. It’s Kids Week here at Q13 News, when we hear from kids in our community to […]

  • Honest conversations may be best way to address racism, teens say

    Racism exists. Hurtful and vulgar acts occur daily in local schools. That’s what a group of teens had to say last month at a Q13 News panel discussion. “I get really offended,” said Cierra Martinez, a junior from Federal Way. “Just the jokes they try to make about race are just something I feel should be taken a little more serious. Because it’s always going to be a serious thing.” It’s Kids Week here at Q13, when we hear from […]

  • Dating for teens ain’t like it used to be, for better and worse

    When it comes to dating and socializing, times have changed. Today’s teens aren’t limited to interacting with just those in their neighborhood or high school. Social media has expanded their world and their ability to connect. “There’s a whole kind of term called ‘sliding into DMs,’” said Jalen Johnson, a senior at Seattle’s Summit Sierra school. The term refers to sending someone on social media a direct message in an attempt to connect. “A lot of the time no personal […]

  • Teens these days may be busier than ever, and it’s stressing them out

    Teenage life is busy these days.

  • Think teens are consumed by technology? They agree

    Technology is often praised for making life easier and more convenient. When we sat down recently with a panel of teens, they talked about how much easier their lives are thanks to the technology at their fingertips. “If I were to pick any tangible piece of like anything that I would have for the rest of my life, to get me through life, it would be my phone,” said Jalen Johnson, 18, a senior at Seattle’s Summit Sierra school. “It […]

  • Seattle sports community celebrated by high school hall of fame inductees

    Doug Christie played 15 seasons in the NBA, but he says some of the toughest games he played were in his south Seattle neighborhood growing up. Ross Flowers was a track star at UCLA, he earned a doctorate degree in counseling psychology and has worked in an administrative capacity for several professional sports organizations. He agreed, growing up in Seattle pushed him to compete. “Being involved in sports and challenging myself for sure led me to being more comfortable and […]

  • Seattle basketball legend Doug Christie says it’s time to bring back the Sonics

    Doug Christie wants the Sonics back. The 1988 graduate of Rainier Beach High School is among a class of 12 former student athletes to be inducted Thursday night into the Seattle Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame. He said Wednesday that might not be the case if he didn’t grow up watching NBA basketball in his hometown. “Without the SuperSonics, man, I don’t know if I play basketball,” he said. Christie recalled meeting former Sonics guard Gus Williams at a […]

  • Know what’s going to happen on and off the field Sunday? Want to bet on it?

    How long will it take Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem before Sunday’s big game? Which team will win the coin toss? How many times will President Trump tweet? Those are just a few of the exotic wagers — or prop bets — being offered this year in Las Vegas and around the world. The Super Bowl is not only the most watched sporting event, it is also the most wagered upon. The total amount bet on the big […]

  • Martinez’s ‘amazing’ Mariners journey finds a fitting home in Cooperstown

    SEATTLE — Numbers are the bedrock of any Hall of Fame candidacy. That’s why before and after the announcement last week that Mariners legend Edgar Martinez was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, his statistics were tossed around often in support. A lifetime .312 batting average and .418 on-base percentage. Two batting titles, seven all-star appearances and five silver slugger awards. But Mariners Chairman Emeritus John Ellis pointed at a different statistic Tuesday as to why the Seattle […]

  • Edgar Martinez hit ‘The Double,’ and much more — here’s a look at 5 great moments

    The Seattle Mariners had never made the playoffs before Edgar Martinez, and they haven’t made them since. He was the cleanup hitter on a team that featured the potent bats of Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez and Jay Buhner. He put that team on his back more than once, creating many of the greatest moments in franchise history. On Tuesday, he was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable moments […]

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