Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

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  • 14,000 King County youths lack high school credentials

    SEATTLE — Here’s a number that may surprise you. Right now in King County, there are an estimated 14,000 young adults, ages 16 to 24, who didn’t graduate high school. In fact, Washington has one of the worst graduation rates in the country, below 80 percent, putting the state at number 41 out of 50.  The United Way of King County is working to change Washington’s ranking through a program called Reconnecting Youth. It started in 2014, connecting 16 programs […]

  • Gray Tsunami: More seniors filling homeless shelters

    A resident at the Everett Gospel Mission, Flocchini is part of the region’s growing homeless population, specifically a segment that is growing: the elderly. In this case, shelter managers say, the group is anyone age 51 and older.

  • Top Planned Parenthood official retiring at the pinnacle of the reproductive rights fight

    SEATTLE — The story of Carole’s Miller’s career at Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands is beginning and ending the same way: with a threat, the federal government will pull Title X funding from her organization because of Planned Parenthood’s support for abortion services. In 1988, as part of the pro-life movement, President Ronald Reagan barred organizations from receiving Title X funding if they provided abortions. Last week,the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed […]

  • United Way: ‘We can do better’ on the homeless crisis

    In 2017 alone, according to research by the Seattle Times, Seattle and King County spent almost $200 million on homelessness, when you combine all government and private philanthropic sources.

  • Officers on electric bikes: Federal Way leading the trend

    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — You’ve probably seen or heard of police officers on bicycles and motorcycles, but the Federal Way Police Department is trying something in the middle: electric bikes. The department believes they’re the first in the region to try this. They’ve had a bicycle unit for eight years, what they call their “Special Operations Unit.” Last year, a member of the unit, Officer Ben Tseng had an idea.  Tseng personally owns e-bikes. When the department needed new bikes, […]

  • Seattle’s proposed employee tax: Highest ‘head tax’ in the nation

    SEATTLE — If Seattle’s proposed “Progressive Tax on Business” is implemented, it would be the highest “head tax” in the country by far, according to the nonpartisan group the Tax Foundation. “Seattle is looking at $500 per full-time job or for part-time .26 cents per hour,” said Jared Walczak, senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation. “No one has ever come close to that.” Denver has a head tax called an “Occupational Privilege Tax” of about $4 per employee per […]

  • Safeway says ‘believe us,’ Seattle employee tax will impact customers

    SEATTLE — One of Seattle’s main grocers, Safeway, says the city’s proposed “progressive tax on business,” also known as the “employee tax” or “head tax,” will impact customers. That’s why Safeway is asking for a grocers exemption. If they don’t get it the chain tells Q13 News, they will have to do one of two things: close store or raise prices. “We’re coming out strongly because we do feel like there’s a lot of unintended consequences of this tax,” said […]

  • Light rail of the future? Nonprofit releases ‘Seattle Subway’ map

    Imagine taking a train from Renton to Woodinville. How about from Wallingford to the airport? Those trips are possible on a hypothetical system recently released by the nonprofit Seattle Subway.

  • Marijuana lockbox law yields little results, only 350 distributed so far

    SEATTLE — A law that passed last year clearing the way for distribution of marijuana lockboxes by cannabis retailers has not had the impact supporters had hoped. State Rep. Dan Griffey R-Allyn sponsored House Bill 1250 in 2017. It was signed by Gov. Jay Inslee and went into effect last July. The law made it legal for marijuana retailers to distribute cannabis lockboxes for free. “Let’s do anything we can to keep our kids safe,” Griffey told us last year. […]

  • Rare visitors! Bottlenose dolphins living in Puget Sound

    There’s been a rare sighting in Puget Sound recently. A group of bottlenose dolphins has been spotted regularly over the past seven months.