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Born and raised here in the Northwest, I’m also a proud Husky! My first job in broadcasting came as a UW sophomore when I was 19, reporting traffic for the afternoon show on KISS-FM. From there, I worked pretty much every radio shift imaginable, and was lucky enough to join The Bob Rivers Show, the morning radio show on KZOK at the time, working with some of the best in the biz.

I officially joined the Q13 FOX news team in August 2009, and my favorite thing about working here is being able to be a storyteller in the community I grew up in. I LOVE talking to people and doing interactive stories where I get to be myself and represent viewers by taking them inside the story itself.

Outside of work, you’ll find me pretending I’m a calm person in a hot yoga class; pretending I am an award-winning singer and rapper in a karaoke bar; or pretending I’m the courtesy police and demanding the ‘thank-you wave’ in traffic (let’s be kind during rush hour, people)!

My husband and I love traveling together, exploring new places here in the Northwest and all over. We also have a brown-and-white cat, Saffron, who seems to think my pillow is a special place for him to sleep at night. (Note to Saffy: It’s NOT. #pushover).

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  • Resources for the many paths to building your family

    SEATTLE – All week we are tackling the topic of infertility, but fertility treatments aren’t the only way people build their families. Below is a list of resources to get you started. Searching for ways to build your family, whether solo or as part of a couple, can be incredibly overwhelming. Depending on your set of circumstances, you may have just one or two paths available to you; or you may choose to consider several. Either way, for us, doing […]

  • Have questions for our experts?

    We know this is a very complicated topic that brings up all sorts of questions, comments, and overall feedback. That’s why three local fertility experts have offered to answer your questions LIVE on the Q13 FOX News Facebook page. Join the conversation live, or submit your questions ahead of time by emailing them to Kaci@Q13FOX.com. Join the conversation LIVE in these upcoming Facebook sessions: Monday, October 9th at 12:15: Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Lora Shahine of Pacific NW Fertility. Focus: Questions […]

  • Kaci Aitchison: When the path to ‘pregnant’ winds through a fertility clinic

    My husband and I are very grateful to be expecting a baby in November. But it's not at all how we thought starting our family would go, and I know we aren't alone.

  • An Eastern medicine approach to treating infertility

    Considering acupuncture for fertility? Here is advice from Stephanie Gianarelli, founder of Acupuncture Northwest and Associates:

  • Building our Family: Kelli and Pete’s Story

    SEATTLE – When Kelli and Pete Miller decided they were ready to have kids, they found out they couldn’t naturally conceive. They went to a fertility doctor, but after talking it through, they decided adoption was the right path for them. Now, they have two beautiful children. Here, they talk about the importance of honoring the birth mom throughout this journey, and the moment they received the call their daughter was being born: Watch more of Kelli and Pete’s story […]

  • Common misconceptions about conception through fertility treatments

    With millions of people battling infertility around the world, we wanted to tackle some of the common myths and misconceptions associated with fertility treatments.

  • What you should (and shouldn’t) say to someone struggling to build a family

    Our hope is to educate family members, friends, even co-workers about how they can best support those who are trying to build their family.

  • Does stress contribute to infertility?

    Does stress cause infertility? The answer, it turns out, is complicated.

  • Pregnancy loss and miscarriage: ‘You haven’t told anybody, and you’re going through this horrific pain’

    It's more common than you might think - the March of Dimes estimates 10 to 15 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, although many believe that number to be even higher.

  • Building our Family: Travis and Curtis’ story

    SEATTLE – Travis and Curtis always knew they wanted to be parents. When they decided they were ready to have a child, they looked at many different options of building their family and decided surrogacy was the right path for them. They proceeded with finding a donor and a surrogate. Watch Travis and Curtis’ story below.

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