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  • Congress delayed technology that could prevent train derailments

    With the disaster and death that affected so many on Monday morning after an Amtrak derailment, the search for the cause may have its roots in the past.

  • Proposal could let cities back out of Sound Transit deal — and car-tab sticker shock

    TACOMA, Wash. — Call it Brexit for Sound Transit. You’ve seen the sticker shock — and if you haven’t, it’ll be hitting your mailbox soon enough. “They didn’t tell voters the true story about this car tab tax,” said state Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-University Place. He wants accountability and maybe a do-over of sorts for last year’s Sound Transit 3 initiative. Voters approved the deal to raise more than $54 billion for mass transit expansion. But was it sold to […]

  • Homeless crisis pushing into suburbs with new funding on the way

    Expect to see more fencing along highways and streets along the I-5 corridor. The Washington Department of Transportation and the City of Seattle are ramping up plans to block off more open space to keep the homeless from expanding.

  • Washington state healthcare enrollment

    Insurance open enrollment brings questions about rate spikes

    Open enrollment is underway across the country, but is the Obamacare exchange in Washington “failing” as some pundits describe?

  • Decade-long post office ‘dog hold’ leads to federal lawsuit

    Ballard homeowner Randall Ehrlich is suing the United States Postal Service for keeping his home on a “dog hold” that prevents him from receiving mail, and has been for nearly a decade.

  • Tunnell

    Hot housing market delays Link light-rail extension, adds to price tag

    SHORELINE, Wash. – The wait for light rail north of Northgate is going to be a little longer. And Dorthy McReynolds is losing her house because of construction. “We don’t really have a choice,” she said. McReynolds has lived in the home for 54 years and there will not be a 55th. She is one of dozens of owners and families who are being displaced to make way for SoundTransit’s Link Lynnnwood northern line. “It’s traumatic,” McReynolds said. Relocation is […]

  • School supply showdown: Who has the best prices?

    TACOMA, Wash — It’s a math problem no parent likes to solve. The school supply shopping list. “They get bigger. They get longer,” said Tacoma’s Ashley Moses. Like many this year, she’s trying different stores for better deals. “All of our paper products, notepads, and pens and pencils. I think it`s just calculators (that are left),” she said. So let’s do our homework and show our work. We compared things like binders, dry erase markers, notebooks and more -common items from […]

  • ‘I still can’t stop crying’: Passenger saw texts about child rape on flight from Sea-Tac

    SEATTLE — As she wipes a tear from her right eye, a woman named Christina shares her emotion and relief. “I still just can`t stop crying, getting choked up every time I think about it. Just really thankful that the kids are safe,” she said. Christina didn’t want to reveal her full name or show her face during her interview with Q13 Tuesday, only because of what she exposed last week. “I’m really sensitive to it. I’ve been working with […]

  • Diversity shapes City Council and mayoral race in Seattle

    SEATTLE — A changing of the guard at City Hall—older, whiter faces getting out of politics, and a council starting to look more like the town it represents. “This is a change that we have been laying the groundwork for for many, many years,” said Sudha Nandagopal with OneAmerica Votes. That group supports the role of immigrants and minorities in politics. Identity and policy can work together, she says. “We need those who are most affected by the issues to be […]

  • “It’s not if, but when”: Viaduct fire worries Sodo businesses

    SEATTLE — Red spray-painted letters encircle a gray tent along Spokane Street under the West Seattle Bridge. The words “Don’t judge me” are written so large they can’t be missed. It’s a message from the person who is zipped inside. A message Seattle can see, but perhaps not understand. “We are as a city dealing with a humanitarian crisis. A public health and public safety crisis,” said Erin Goodman, who works with the Sodo Business Improvement Area. Goodman said Sunday afternoon’s fire […]

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