Amber Alert issued after man stabs estranged wife, takes child in Spokane

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  • VENOM tries to find his motivation

    Somebody needs a speech. Monologuing in movies gets a bad rep these days, especially in superhero movies. But in Venom, that famous Spiderman villain appearing in a movie with no Spiderman, someone at some point needs to step up and explain their motivation and why they are doing what they are doing. The villain (Riz Ahmed) does his villain stuff, because well, he’s the bad guy. The antihero Eddie Brock, a game Tom Hardy, also offers no real reason for […]

  • Man killed in shooting in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood

    A man was killed in a shooting early Friday morning in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

  • Puyallup’s love of football: Catching up with the Huard brothers

    People in Puyallup love football. The high schools have heated rivalries, and the Puyallup High Vikings have a storied history of excellence.

  • Ezra Meeker: The influence Puyallup’s first mayor still has on the city today

    The planning of Puyallup began in 1877, conducted by Ezra Meeker- a man who traveled the Oregon trail for five months with his family all the way from Iowa, to Portland, before eventually settling in Washington in 1862.

  • Police, firefighters greet 9-year-old girl at crosswalk where she nearly lost her life

    Renton girl takes her first courageous steps across a Renton street with the help of police and firefighters.

  • Alpha: A boy and his dog adventure in a cold, cruel world

    Life in Europe 20,000 years ago was rough, with beasts around every turn ready to eat you. But the boy at the center of Alpha is able to befriend one of those hungry predators, and in doing so, starts a beautiful “best” friendship that we all enjoy today. The boy, Keda, goes on the hunt with his tribe, but is left for dead by his dad, and his people, after a nasty fall. A confrontation with a wolf pack ends […]

  • Everett’s real estate market booming despite fears about Paine Field’s growth

    Hundreds of flights a day fly out of Paine Field in Everett. But soon passenger flights will begin there and that means large jets soaring over the areas around Paine Field. That has sparked some concerns from people who live there.

  • New passenger terminal at Paine Field ‘will be very inviting’

    When Paine Field was built in 1936, it was planned as a commercial passenger airport. But World War 2 changed those plans, and passenger flights were put on the backburner.

  • Review: The Meg: Cheesy, but Deadly

    The cornball factor in The Meg is off the charts, with dialogue so groan inducing that you could hear inadvertent laughs all through the screening where we finally met the great, great, GREAT White Shark. But the action, and some of the humor, is good enough to make this an entertaining summer breeze of a flick. Jason Stratham, as the deep sea diver Jonas Taylor, plays his usual perturbed, put upon character. He may also be the only action star […]

  • Warning to paddlers: Hot weather will see more people on the water

    SEATTLE, Wash. — The popularity of paddlesports can’t be denied. Just five years ago, one in 10 people in the U.S. took part in some form of paddle sport. Now, it’s one in four. Part of that is affordability. Paddleboards, kayaks, canoes and others are being sold at major retailers like Costco and Fred Meyer. This week is paddle safety week. It hopes to raise awareness about people on the water, and more ways to stay safe. For more on […]

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