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  • The Fisher House: Providing veterans’ families a place to stay while loved ones are treated in hospital

    SEATTLE — When military veterans need medical help they often travel quite a distance to get to VA hospitals like the one in Seattle. But many families would not be able to travel with their veteran without the support of a special place: The Fisher House. Founded by Zachary Fisher in 1990, they are a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. The Fisher House in […]

  • A look inside the ‘extremely critical’ mission of military police at JBLM

    At Joint Base Lewis-McChord, military police officers respond to the same kind of calls civilian cops deal with in cities around your area.

  • Hundreds of greyhounds could come to Northwest after Florida bans dog racing

    People in Washington State have a good reputation as dog lovers. Kill shelters in the south often send dogs to the northwest because they know they will be adopted. After Tuesday’s election, those dog lovers around the Puget Sound area will be asked to step up once again. Voters in Florida approved an amendment that ends dog racing by 2021. Several states, including Washington, have already banned the sport that animal activists have called cruel and inhumane to the thousands […]

  • WSP: 9 people killed in traffic-related crashes in 8 days

    Washington State Patrol troopers have investigated nine traffic-related deaths in King County in the last eight days -- many of them involved people driving under the influence.

  • Kent’s unique pediatric center helps babies born to addiction

    KENT, Wash. – It looks like any other nursery in any other community, with newborns in the caring arms of nurses being rocked to sleep. But the babies at the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent are also waging a battle against addiction. “With any baby, you’re not going to know what the withdrawals are going to be like until the baby is born,” said Barbara Drennen, the director at the care center. She has been helping babies born addicted to […]

  • This is Kent’s plan to boost the salmon population and reduce flooding

    KENT, Wash. – It’s hard to find a prettier sight in Kent. At the Elliott Farm, the fall colors shadow an array of animals from baby cows and donkeys, to llamas. But in this area, there is also the occasional unwanted visitor. “At least once a year, maybe even twice, when the river is full, we get water,” said Bruce Elliott. He’s talking about flooding. The Green River goes right through Kent. The Howard Hanson dam helps keep the river […]

  • VENOM tries to find his motivation

    Somebody needs a speech. Monologuing in movies gets a bad rep these days, especially in superhero movies. But in Venom, that famous Spiderman villain appearing in a movie with no Spiderman, someone at some point needs to step up and explain their motivation and why they are doing what they are doing. The villain (Riz Ahmed) does his villain stuff, because well, he’s the bad guy. The antihero Eddie Brock, a game Tom Hardy, also offers no real reason for […]

  • Man killed in shooting in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood

    A man was killed in a shooting early Friday morning in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

  • Puyallup’s love of football: Catching up with the Huard brothers

    People in Puyallup love football. The high schools have heated rivalries, and the Puyallup High Vikings have a storied history of excellence.

  • Ezra Meeker: The influence Puyallup’s first mayor still has on the city today

    The planning of Puyallup began in 1877, conducted by Ezra Meeker- a man who traveled the Oregon trail for five months with his family all the way from Iowa, to Portland, before eventually settling in Washington in 1862.

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