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  • New city coming to life near Bonney Lake

    Bonney Lake has been around since 1949. Sumner became a city more than 100 years ago. But a neighboring community, Tehaleh, could surpass them both in size in a just few more years.

  • ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ infuses super-heroics with teen comedy sensibilities

    It may be Spider-Man’s biggest challenge. The web crawler has to kick start the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe following the earth-shattering, and world-saving events of the last two Avengers movies. With a snap of his fingers, Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) brought back the half of the universe lost to Thanos’ diabolical plan, but in doing so he sacrificed himself. Stark also apparently chose Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) as his heir apparent. That’s a lot of pressure […]

  • War Story: Olympia man recounts death of Pat Tillman and overcoming the role he played

    It's been 15 years since former NFL star and Army Ranger Pat Tillman died from friendly fire during a battle in Afghanistan. Steven Elliott, an Olympia man, is now speaking about that horrible night.

  • Dead on arrival: No pulse in new zombie flick ‘The Dead Don’t Die’

    Just no. This movie shuffles along, just like its zombies, but never gives you anything to chew on. Despite a stellar cast, Jim Jarmusch fails to create a compelling movie, whether he’s going for comedy, or scares. He does capture what should be spooky moments and creepy situations, but they invariably go nowhere and fall flat. I get detached irony, and there is plenty of it on display, but time and again, ideas and characters are presented, and then dropped. […]

  • Chinese-American WWII veterans will finally be awarded Congressional Gold Medals

    SEATTLE — Gene Moy recently celebrated his 102nd birthday on the dance floor. “A lot of people think they’re old already, but look at Gene,” said Cari Murotani, a family friend. “He’s still dancing every dance.” It’s something Moy picked up while serving in the Army during World War II. “I’m kind of proud to have served my country,” said the soft spoken Moy. That pride will be on display in the fall when he and other Chinese American veterans […]

  • Two hurt in house fire in Snohomish County

    ARLINGTON, Wash. — Two people were injured when a fire ripped through a Snohomish County home early Wednesday morning. Snohomish County Fire District 22 responded to a call around 1:30 a.m. Crews found the house on 103rd Avenue Northeast in Arlington ablaze. Two people living inside the home were taken to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center for observation and a third person was treated at the scene. The house is a total loss. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

  • Lynden tradition: A personal welcome to all newcomers

    LYNDEN, Wash. — They arrive in plenty of new neighborhoods in Lynden, but their dress? Old country Dutch, right down to the traditional wooden shoes. “Lynden is really Holland without a passport,” said Ada Voskuilen, who, along with Vigi Diephuis, have been greeting new residents to Lynden for 25 years. They are tipped off by realtors or neighbors, and soon the duo comes knocking on the doors of newcomers with baskets of goodies. “It’s over-the-top, kind, and generous,” said new […]

  • Local fights for new park in Bellingham’s fastest growing area

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. — For now, it still belongs to the geese. But soon, people will converge on 25 acres of rolling hills in the north end of Bellingham where the new Cordata Park will be built. Director of Bellingham Parks Leslie Bryson says her goal is to have a park or trail within a 10-minute walk of where anybody lives in Bellingham. That hasn’t been the case in the fastest growing part of the city. “Over time, the area has […]

  • Avengers: Endgame puts a final stamp on superhero genre

    Epic. That word will get thrown around a lot when describing “Avengers: EndGame” but it fits. This decade long saga that began with a Marvel dice roll called “Iron Man,” has morphed into a universe of heroes who are now taking their battle to the ends of the universe. And the battle in “Avengers: EndGame” has billions of lives at stake. The film starts with our surviving Avengers wallowing in a world where half the population, including many of their […]

  • Major expansion at Muckleshoot Casino a gamechanger

    AUBURN, Wash. — You can’t travel around the Auburn area without seeing the impact of the Muckleshoot Tribe, owners of some of the most popular attractions in south King County. That includes the Muckleshoot Casino, where there is a major expansion under way. “This will be like the fifth or sixth expansion of the property in 24 years,” said General Manager Conrad Granito. “We’ve tried to provide people what they want, whether it be in gaming, in entertainment, or restaurant […]

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