Where do I begin? It all started back in 1991, when my writing was first published in a book… an actual book! It was a pretty big deal for me back then, considering I was only nine years old. Since then, my writing has taken me around the country; from coast to coast.

I started my career in local television in 2003, serving as Host and Producer for Union TV34. There, I learned to not only write for TV, but also shoot and edit my own stories.

In 2004, I accepted a position as Host of “Comcast Newsmakers” and “Comcast on the Red Carpet”. Both programs were produced by CN8 The Comcast Network (Philadelphia) and aired on CNN Headline News (HLN).

In 2007, I was appointed Director of Operations for Westfield TV36, where I was responsible for overseeing all technical and creative responsibilities.

In 2009, I took the girl out of Jersey.. accepting a position at WATE 6 NEWS (ABC) in Knoxville, TN. There, I served as Anchor/Reporter on morning, afternoon and evening broadcasts. I was proud to receive several awards for reports focused on the military. At the risk of helmet hair, I even threw on a uniform and bullet proof vest to train with the 278th, documenting their preparations for deployment to Iraq. From high risk to high profile, I also handled the station’s celebrity red carpet segments, including the CMA’s in Nashville.

In 2011, my writing launched me from coast to coast, when I accepted an Anchor/Reporter position with KOMO 4 News (ABC) in Seattle. While at KOMO, I met my husband, (he’s a Director), and we married in September of 2013.

It’s still up in the air who asked who…

I’ve made a home here in Seattle with my husband, his three awesome kids (ages 5/8/11) and my furbaby, Mikey. Now, here I am at Q13 FOX News!

Let me tell ya, it took a lot to get the girl out of Jersey… and much more to get her to stay and call Seattle home. I’m so happy to share this community with you and I look forward to sharing its stories.. YOUR stories.. right here on Q13.

Recent Articles
  • Seattle school teaches etiquette classes for kids

    SEATTLE  —  Good manners and etiquette can sometimes seem like a lost art. But a local school says they’ve seen an uptick in inquiries from parents all around the region.  At first glance, it might seem like basic table manners. But kids and parents say it has much deeper meaning. It’s been said good manners can open doors. At Clise Etiquette, kids are learning the ABC’s of minding their P’s and Q’s. “It’s like picking up a changed kid after the first class,” […]

  • People line overpasses, sidewalks for fallen deputy’s procession

    KELSO, Wash. — Monday night, a procession escorted Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin DeRosier from Vancouver, Wash. to a funeral home in Kelso. People lined the on ramps, overpasses and sidewalks along the route to thank the fallen deputy for his service. The 29-year-old deputy was killed Saturday night as he examined a motorhome that was blocking a road in the small southwestern Washington city of Kalama. He leaves behind a wife and a 5-month-old daughter. The suspect in his […]

  • Non-profit launching program to help those in foster care succeed as adults

    SEATTLE — On Wednesday, the non-profit Treehouse celebrated the hard work they and our community have done to help foster children succeed. They celebrated several success stories at the event, including one young man who is multi-talented and ready to give back. 20-year-old Leroy is already planning the soundtrack to his future. “I have so much growing to do. I’m only 20, but I am slowly, slowly and surely getting better and better at being the best person I can […]

  • Renton woman’s video of brazen package theft goes viral

    RENTON, Wash. — Package thefts are an all-too-common occurrence. They’re happening in every neighborhood, and you might’ve even experienced it yourself. A Renton woman is taking action on social media after becoming a victim of package theft, hoping to shame the suspect one share at a time. Surveillance cameras show what happened clear as day: a woman parks a red vehicle in Iryna Hancharova’s driveway, walks up her front steps and takes her package. Next thing you know, she’s back […]

  • ‘Flags to Remember:’ Kent man makes wooden memorials for fallen officers

    KENT, Wash. — A local man has taken it upon himself to honor fallen law enforcement officers. He makes wooden flags; each one is unique, but the meaning behind them is the same. Inside his Kent garage, Noel Greany hopes to celebrate and preserve the memories of those who serve and protect. “Each one takes approximately three to three-and-a-half hours,” he said. He began this side project, Flags to Remember, after the death of Kent Police Officer Diego Moreno in […]

  • Oso landslide: Firefighter brothers recall recovery effort 5 years later

    OSO — You know you’re getting close once you cross the bridge. There’s a general store and a chapel. And between the two, sits fire station 37. You know it’s Oso, because inside, you’ll find the Harper brothers. Willy is the Chief and Tim is the captain. This time of year is hard. The reason why is just down the road. “Just seems like right around these months we’re now waiting for something to happen,” says Willy. March 22, 2014. […]

  • Oso anniversary: Keeping the faith after landslide disaster

    OSO — Sometimes in life, we have to choose to believe. “There’s still a giant reminder of why we are here in the first place,” says Joel Johnson. That all is not lost. “I can even remember hearing that on the radio: it’s gone, everything is gone,’ says Joel. The kind of faith that can move mountains. “Immediately you get the why. Questions like why did this happen? Why did this have to happen? Why is this person gone? Why […]

  • All signs lead to Oso, thanks to this man

    OSO — Ron Thompson shows no signs of stopping. It’s not a full time job, but he’s hard at work. And his days are full. “I sit out here for hours at a time, just enjoying myself, just doing something for somebody and make somebody get a little smile out of it. And when I get done, on the other side I put 3-22-14 on every sign I make. And that’s the day of the slide,” says Ron. March 22, […]

  • Oso strong: The pain that connected the Oso community is what keeps them close today

    OSO, Wash.  —  Somewhere in the valley,  amid the hills and the horses, is a place where everyone belongs. “There’s a really down home earthiness.  We know what you like to eat and drink when you’re one of our regular customers,” says Bonnie Rose of Rhodes River Ranch. The faces are familiar as the company rolls in. “We do murder mystery dinner, sip, dip and doodle. We do jewelry parties, we do vintage market, anything that helps support our community and bring people […]

  • In Oso, taking care of business means taking care of each other

    OSO, Wash.  — There’s something to be said for the way business is done in a small town.   “Everybody relied on each other and took care of business themselves, which I feel, is apart of Oso’s character,” says Bonnie Rose of Rhodes River Ranch. After a deadly landslide in 2014, businesses struggled, even Rhodes River Ranch, which is one of the most popular spots in the valley. “The hardest part was making sure that people knew we were still […]

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