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  • ‘Why are we voting?’ Pierce Co. residents speak out against lawsuits challenging $30 car tabs

    PIERCE COUNTY – Pierce County resident Jerry Hughes has been getting around in same ride for the last 20 years. “I cannot replace it. I don’t have any money on reserves,” Hughes said. Hughes says he is a veteran living on disability after getting injured on the job. It’s been a struggle to pay his car tabs for his 1998 Ford Explorer. The fee more than doubled to pay for ST3’s light rail expansion. “Today is the 7. I am […]

  • I-976: Seattle, King County will sue to block $30 car tab measure

    SEATTLE — Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says the city will file a lawsuit to block the $30 car tab initiative passed by Washington voters in Tuesday’s general election. Durkan said Thursday that if fully implemented, Initiative 976 would force the city to cut more than 100,000 bus hours and would hamper her program to provide free bus access for students and low-income residents. She also emphasized that voters in King County, which is home to Seattle, voted against the measure […]

  • Public safety top of mind for many in Seattle as they vote for the next City Council

    SEATTLE – Getting coffee at Starbucks on Monday came with a dose of politics. Employees at a number of Seattle locations were handing out a free sample of coffee along with a reminder for people to vote on Tuesday. Monday’s efforts come on the heels of Starbucks executives sending a letter to their employees using Seattle’s public safety decline as a critical reason to care for this election. But before many businesses got involved, it was Seattle residents who got […]

  • Suspect who police say randomly stabbed 3 men in downtown Seattle has been arrested at least 22 times before

    SEATTLE – The random violence on a downtown Seattle sidewalk is drawing out raw emotions. “It’s devastating, it’s terrible,” Stacy Bennett said. Chaos in broad daylight that landed 2 men in the hospital. A third man was treated and released at the scene. “I heard screams,” said one man. Screams from people running away past Athena’s food truck on 6th Avenue. An employee says he saw five to seven people run past. “There was too much going on, it was […]

  • An uncomfortable race for Snohomish County Sheriff comes down to one key difference

    SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. – A lot of people are talking about the election for Sheriff in Snohomish County. It’s an admittedly awkward race considering Sheriff Ty Trenary is being challenged by Sgt. Adam Forntey, someone in his own patrol staff. “It’s been uncomfortable at times, he’s treated me fairly well,” Fortney said. “It can be awkward especially when you are sharing the stage, and we have shared the stage a bunch since this election started,” Trenary said. Both are family […]

  • Puyallup Mayor says effort to unseat him motivated by his opposition to development project

    PUYALLUP, Wash. — The drama over the development of Knutson Farms is now spilling over into Puyallup’s mayoral race. “I’ve been a leading voice in trying to get more reasonable development down here as opposed to what’s being proposed,” Mayor John Palmer said. Knutson Farms wants to sell their land and Running Bear, a developer based out of state, wants to build seven big warehouses in addition to one under construction currently. The land technically sits on Pierce County’s jurisdiction, […]

  • Aurora Bridge closure highlights state’s aging bridge system

    SEATTLE – There are more than 7,000 bridges in Washington that are both locally and state-owned. Overall, many of them are aging with hundreds of bridges that are more than 80 years old. The Aurora Bridge is just one example. Tens of thousands of drivers rely on the Aurora Bridge every day. “That’s the way I take every single day,” Seattle resident Rylee Koski said. WSDOT owns 280 bridges that are more than 80 years old. The mandate is to […]

  • Seattle Municipal Court judges frustrated over council member’s proposal to decrease probation funding

    SEATTLE –  Some judges at Seattle Municipal Court are frustrated over comments made by several council members regarding the probation program. The judges say they have the data to prove their program is a successful approach that helps the community and defendants. Despite that, Council Member Kshama Sawant is proposing a major cut to the probation program. Judges Willie Gregory and Adam Eisenberg are rarely on camera but now they are compelled to speak out. “To cut our budget like […]

  • The landscape of homeless outreach in Monroe is different from bigger cities

    MONROE, Wash. – Just a couple of years ago, police in Monroe rarely had to do any outreach to support people who are homeless. But for the first time this year, an officer has been designated full-time to combat homelessness, a sign the problem is growing in smaller towns. On Thursday the outreach team took Q13 News along where the landscape of their work looks different from bigger cities. Monroe Police Officer Justin Springer doesn’t spend his days like most […]

  • Findings in April’s crane collapse lead to heightened concerns of crane operations industry wide

    SEATTLE – When the tower crane in South Lake Union collapsed and killed four people it was shocking. On Thursday, state investigators with the Department of Labor & Industries released their findings of what exactly went wrong, but they also said that unsafe practices of disassembling tower cranes may be going on industry-wide. Tower cranes are a sign of growth in any city. For years, Seattle was leading the nation when it comes to the number of construction cranes. Currently, […]

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