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  • The rush to drive for the first time is slowing down for many teens

    James Fischer is an easy going 15-year-old, considering he allowed Q13 News to follow along to witness the uncertainties of learning how to drive.

  • Arson suspect wanted for starting a fire inside Capitol Hill bar

    SEATTLE – Seattle Police are investigating a string of arson fires in Capitol Hill. All of the cases have happened along Broadway several blocks apart, but so far there is not enough evidence linking the incidents together. Someone torched a newspaper box, a dumpster and a bathroom inside Corvus & Co. while bar patrons were having a good time early Tuesday morning. Corvus & Co. is a lifetime dream of Paul Berryman. The exposed brick, the unique art on the […]

  • ‘Epic’ new Key Arena set to open Summer 2021 after cost overruns and slight delay

    SEATTLE – For the first time Thursday, the public gets a peek inside Key Arena since it was shut down for redevelopment. “I think we are going to build one of the greatest buildings in the world,” Seattle Hockey Partners CEO Tod Leiweke said. Q13 News went underground into the heart of the bowl on Thursday. Heavy equipment is crunching away at what’s there now and will dig even deeper into the sacred ground. “The nice thing is that since […]

  • Experts say anxiety disorders in kids are up, but we can do something about it

    The common thread that binds so many of us is how we feel.

  • Seattle business owners react to city attorney’s interview on repeat offenders

    SEATTLE – Seattle business owners are reacting to Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes’ sit-down interview with Q13 News. Holmes answered some tough questions on repeat offenders and business owners across Seattle who are upset over the level of harassment and crime they say they are seeing every day. “They deserve to be frustrated,” Holmes said. During Thursday’s interview, Holmes acknowledged that he’s seen our station’s stories revealing the kind of chaotic crimes Jay and Trevor Boone have been dealing with […]

  • Seattle City Attorney discusses repeat offender report

    SEATTLE — Q13 News has repeatedly tried to get answers from city leaders about a report concerning violent repeat offenders. That includes Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, who agreed to sit down Thursday for an interview. The report, called System Failure, looked at a sample of a 100 repeat offenders, and the work was commissioned by organizations representing thousands of businesses. That report showed the damage the perpetrators were causing to themselves and to the community. Read the full report […]

  • The cause of 26 power poles falling at the same time in Tukwila remains a mystery

    TUKWILA, Wash.  – What happened along East Marginal Way in Tukwila has gotten the nation’s attention. The fact that 26 poles came crashing down in a cascading effect is very unusual. It’s left Seattle City Light baffled over a cause. All 26 fallen poles have been hauled off as evidence and they will be inspected by a third party independent investigator. As of Tuesday, crews were still at the scene repairing and replacing all the damage left behind. We’ve seen […]

  • Sketch released in effort to ID remains found in Edmonds park

    EDMONDS — Edmonds Police need the public’s help in identifying a man. His remains were found in Yost Park in Edmonds in November. Now his skull has been analyzed and his face brought to life by a forensic artist. “When I get to the [Medical Examiner’s] office I like to look at each skull to see what about that skull is different from any other skull,” forensic artist Natalie Murry said. Murry is the artist behind a rendering that police […]

  • Surprising home features giving sellers a boost in Puget Sound

    SEATTLE – The housing market in Puget Sound is lighting up now with the spring season underway. A dip in interest rates recently is also fueling more buyers to take interest in the market. “A well priced home is still going off the market in 20 days,” Broker George Moorhead of Bentley Properties said. Most home sellers know you need an inviting entrance and clean landscaping, but Zillow has some surprising data that highlights some features getting sellers the best […]

  • Educators push for statewide dialogue on race and diversity following racist incident in Issaquah

    SEATTLE – If there is any good coming out of the racist incident in Issaquah, it’s a conversation about what schools and parents can do to promote racial sensitivity and ethnic diversity in their teachings. Sharonne Navas with Equity in Education Coalition of Washington says the issue of race is not talked about enough. “We also have to get over the discomfort about talking about race. You know we have to say ‘Hey, what you just said hurt me and […]

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