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  • Community group exploring how to promote wellness for Seattle police officers after rare political stand by Chief Best

    SEATTLE – It’s the first time in recent history when SPD has had a net decrease when it comes to recruitment and retention. Earlier this week Police Chief Carmen Best took a rare political stand confirming something we’ve been hearing from officers for some time. She says a lack of support from city politicians specifically from some members of Seattle City Council are driving many to leave the department. On Friday we followed up with 3 Seattle police officers on […]

  • Tacoma residents upset over another mental health hospital proposed in their neighborhood

    TACOMA – How do you balance the need for a mental health hospital and the community’s concern over public safety? That is the debate going on in Tacoma. On Thursday, a hearing examiner hearing the details of a 105-bed facility for a vacant lot at Proctor and South 19th. “The land is beautiful,” Howard Anderson said. Anderson says he wanted a hospital to move in across the street just not a mental hospital. Anderson and many who live in his […]

  • What is Seattle doing to get repeat criminals off the streets?

    KING COUNTY – If you want to see a nonchalant criminal at work, Nicholas Wright is your man. In May of this year, he sauntered over to a car at a Shell gas station and steals it right in front of the owner. Wright has a thing for taking things that are not his. Just about a week before, he drove off with the car at the gas station, detectives say he broke into an Auburn home. He took the […]

  • Seattle Police Chief taking a rare political stand on recruitment and retention

    SEATTLE – On the heels of a violent weekend in Seattle, Police Chief Carmen Best says it underscores one fact. “It highlights the fact that we have some critical staffing issues,” Best said. SPD says without emphasis patrols already underway, they would have been short about 20 officers to respond to the Seattle Center shooting over the weekend which she called a melee. “The officers did an incredibly good job, really calm down some really tense situations I would say […]

  • Seismologists say we are not in the clear potential for another quake in the next 48 hours

    SEATTLE – Local seismologists say we have a less than 10% chance that another quake will hit Puget Sound in the next 48 hours and it could be potentially stronger than the recent 4.6 magnitude earthquake. “It literally woke me up,” Levi Hanis said. Nerves are still rattled after Puget Sound’s overnight earthquake. “Everything was shaking we jumped off the bed he told me to get my clothes on real quick we were kind of in a panic,” said one […]

  • Family members of Nancy Moyer say they are shocked with break in 2009 case

    “The whole family needs closure."

  • Few answers on how to change the way Seattle should approach repeat offenders

    SEATTLE – A day after police say Christopher Morisette randomly stabbed three men in downtown Seattle, public safety is yet again on many people’s minds. But during a public safety meeting at City Hall on Wednesday with various Seattle city leaders in attendance, Morisette’s case was not brought up once. Q13 News asked Council Member Lorena Gonzalez about why no one acknowledged the incident during the meeting and she said the gathering was about addressing public safety as a whole […]

  • Suspect who police say randomly stabbed 3 men in downtown Seattle has been arrested at least 22 times before

    SEATTLE – The random violence on a downtown Seattle sidewalk is drawing out raw emotions. “It’s devastating, it’s terrible,” Stacy Bennett said. Chaos in broad daylight that landed 2 men in the hospital. A third man was treated and released at the scene. “I heard screams,” said one man. Screams from people running away past Athena’s food truck on 6th Avenue. An employee says he saw five to seven people run past. “There was too much going on, it was […]

  • 3 stabbed after ‘random attack’ in downtown Seattle; suspect arrested nude

    Police said two people were injured after reports of a stabbing near Nordstrom's headquarters in Seattle.

  • City of Puyallup uses unconventional method to address homelessness

    Puyallup is now spending $65,000 to transport and provide services to homeless people throughout the year at a Tacoma shelter.

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