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  • Viaduct demolition will last about 6 months, bringing disruption and noise

    SEATTLE – The Alaskan Way Viaduct will shut down Jan. 11, marking the longest major highway closure ever in the Puget Sound region. The new State Route 99 tunnel will replace the viaduct sometime the week of Feb. 4 and is expected to be a safer option for commuters.  But the transition will result in big traffic backups. Besides the traffic, it will impact many people who work and live close to the viaduct. The waterfront, one of the state’s busiest […]

  • Water supply could be down for 2 months if catastrophic earthquake hits

    Alaska’s earthquake last week is a grim reminder that we need to prepare. But what Seattle Public Utilities is bracing for is even worse than what Alaska experienced. “The Seattle Fault Zone itself is one of 2 earthquakes we are planning for the other one being the Cascadia Subduction Zone,” Alex Chen of SPU said. A new study says there is a 15 to 20% chance of a catastrophic earthquake like the two mentioned in the next 50 years. In […]

  • Seattle mom: Care.com needs to change its system after babysitter convicted of child molestation

    SEATTLE – Back in October, a University of Washington student apologized to the children he molested including a 9-year-old Seattle boy. Cutler, 24, was sentenced to five years in jail. “I betrayed that trust I know what I did will have a lot of repercussions for the rest of their lives,” convicted sex offender Colin Cutler said. But the repercussions goes beyond those children he molested, it has impacting families who may have ever hired Cutler to care of their […]

  • Ride the Ducks of Seattle CEO defends company in civil lawsuit over deadly Aurora Bridge crash

    SEATTLE – The CEO of Ride the Ducks of Seattle, Brian Tracey, took the stand in court defending his company for hours on Thursday. Dozens of plaintiffs are suing multiple parties in a civil lawsuit regarding the 2015 Aurora Bridge crash. Ride the Ducks of Seattle is one of them. The plaintiffs claim the company neglected to maintain their duck boat properly before it lost control and crashed into a charter bus carrying North Seattle College students. Five students were killed and dozens more […]

  • Understanding why the longest American war continues to drag on

    SEATTLE – It was a dignified transfer for a local soldier killed in Afghanistan. Leavenworth native Sgt. Leandro Jasso’s remains arrived at Dover, Delaware on Monday. And on Tuesday the military confirmed the 25 year-old Army ranger was accidentally shot by an Afghan partner force while fighting Al-Qaeda shooters. “It makes me want to pay attention and know more about what’s happening,” Jasso’s former teacher Andrea Brixey said. Jasso’s death is deeply affecting many in Leavenworth. At Cascade High School Brixey […]

  • Many in Leavenworth hurting after Army Ranger is killed in Afghanistan

    LEAVENWORTH, Wash. – On Monday, a Leavenworth high school took a moment of silence for an American hero with local ties. Before Sgt. Leandro Jasso braved the front lines of war in Afghanistan, he left his mark at Cascade High School. “It’s fascinating – it makes you pay attention when someone that special is willing to give his life,” former teacher Andrea Brixey said. The 25 year-old Army Ranger known to friends as Lando died in combat after coming across enemy fire […]

  • More positions eliminated in Tacoma School District

    TACOMA, Wash. — It’s tough when you have to lay off anyone much less right before the holidays. Tacoma Public Schools says they are in for some rough times. The district says they are in trouble because of a budget shortfall. The school district eliminated 19 positions last month. Now this week they announced another round of 13 cuts. There are a number of people who worked at the administration building at Tacoma Public Schools that will no longer be […]

  • VIDEO: Inside an active shooter drill at middle school in Pierce County

    With more and more mass shootings across the United States, schools are frequently doing active shooter drills. Q13 News is taking you inside a Cougar Mountain Middle School in the Bethel School District to show you what it looks and feels like during one of these drills designed to keep everyone safe.

  • Seattle city council approves navigation team expansion, increases funding for homeless agencies

    SEATTLE – Seattle City Council on Monday approved 2019’s budget of $5.9 billion which is $300 million more than last year. Before the final vote there was some discussion about homelessness. Last week there was an idea floating around to reduce the expansion of the navigation team, the group charged with reaching out to the homeless. Spearheaded by Council Member Teresa Mosqueda many on the council wanted to redirect some of the proposed dollars to homeless agencies instead of expanding […]

  • ‘It’s the happiest day of our lives’: King County celebrates Adoption Day with 20 adoptions

    About 1,800 children in Washington are ready to be adopted.