COVID-19 in Washington: Links and resources to help you during coronavirus pandemic

Hello! First, I want to say I feel lucky to cover important matters affecting Western Washington. I am inherently curious, which comes in handy when you are a journalist.

I am an East Coast native, mostly grew up in Northern Virginia right on the outskirts of DC. After graduating from the University of Maryland-College Park, I got my first news job at CTV, a government-run news operation covering Prince George’s County in Maryland.

My journey to expand my reporting experience also took me to Tennessee. One of my most memorable stories working at the ABC affiliate in Knoxville was my investigation into the opioid epidemic.
I uncovered an opioid pipeline from Florida to Tennessee and the investigation received an Edward R. Murrow award and an Associated Press award for Best Enterprise.

Over the years at Q13FOX I have covered countless issues including crime, homelessness, government accountability, real estate trends and mental health issues.

I was so honored when I received an Emmy award for a news series that not only aimed to educate people on teen suicide but also to change the dialogue.

Some of my biggest personal milestones have also happened here in the Seattle area.
I got married! And my husband and I were lucky enough to bring our son into the world.

Together, we love to eat and explore the beautiful PNW.

In my free time I also love to squeeze in hikes and dance lessons. Did I mention I love food?

Recent Articles
  • Unemployment filings skyrocket; food services, hospitality workers among biggest increases

    SEATTLE – As an invisible monster virus continues to wreak havoc across the country, Washington state saw a 843% increase in claims for unemployment benefits last week. The state’s Employment Security Department is also getting up to 25,000 calls per day. The normal volume is 2,000. The stress and uncertainty may not be obvious from afar, but navigating a whole new world alone at home for Shandra Sgobba is hard. “I have never filed unemployment. Most of my friends, it’s […]

  • Seattle firefighters on the front lines share what it’s like fighting new virus

    SEATTLE — For first responders across the US and here at home, there is no guaranteed shield from a monstrous virus. They cannot always socially distance, all they can do is protect themselves the best they can against COVID-19. On Friday, we heard from Seattle firefighters on the frontlines for the first time. There is no question that firefighters and all the others in the thick of fighting against the virus are showing incredible fortitude during this pandemic. Every time […]

  • Delivery workers thrust into front lines of COVID-19 fight: ‘Don’t give up, you are our heroes’

    BREMERTON, Wash. — We know first responders and health care workers are on the frontlines against COVID-19. But now anyone in the delivery business has been thrust into the front lines too. “Don’t give up, you are our heroes, you don’t know how much a Godsend that little tiny delivery means,” Bremerton resident Nicole Wiggins said. Wiggins had to take a break from working for Instacart as a contractor who shops and delivers groceries. She says she has stage 4 […]

  • Mandatory stay at home order leads to questions about some gray areas

    SEATTLE – There wasn’t much social distancing at places like Green Lake this past Saturday, but on Tuesday there were no more crowds after Governor Inslee’s stay at home mandate. “To think of others and not just of your own needs is what we need at this time, and I think that’s what the governor is trying to do,” Kirkland resident Nate Tribble said. The new order says only essential businesses and workers are exempt from staying at home during […]

  • If you have been declined for unemployment benefits during COVID-19 crisis it could be a technical error

    SEATTLE – The Employment Security Department is so inundated that in the last two days there have been more than half a million visits to their website. The typical volume in a span of two days is 30,000 visits. The traffic is also causing the system to have periodic outages. ESD says they are working on this problem. Employers and their workers affected by permanent and temporary closures during the coronavirus outbreak are hoping there will be relief soon. Swink […]

  • As many industries shut down, others look to hire amid COVID-19 crisis

    SEATTLE – A man loudly sang the blues in the heart of Pike Place with only a few around on Tuesday. All around the streets are bare, and for good reason. As we isolate ourselves to stop an invisible but deadly virus, many small business owners are watching their livelihoods slip away. “We are currently out of business,” Graham resident Holly Preble said. Preble owns a food truck called Sirius Wood Fired Pizza. “We use a certain high gluten Washington […]

  • Here are some ways to educate your kids at home during 6-week coronavirus closure

    SEATTLE – Gov. Jay Inslee’s Friday order means 1.2 million students in Washington will now be home. It’s the new normal and a sobering reality as parents scramble to deal with the 6-week closure. “Take a deep breath,” parent Jennifer Dennis said. Dennis knows the value of a good education at home. “There are tons of resources online that parents can use and they don’t have to pay money,” Dennis said. Dennis homeschools her 11-year-old daughter Sydney; her experience is […]

  • Social distancing strongly urged: ‘Penalty is you might be killing your grandad if you don’t do it’

    SEATTLE – On Wednesday, the way of life for Washingtonians drastically changed. And moving forward, we could expect more “profoundly disturbing” changes, Gov. Jay Inslee said at a news conference Wednesday. One thing health experts are stressing is social distancing. It’s the one way to slow down COVID-19 as cases are on the trajectory to skyrocket. State leaders say drastic measures are needed now to avoid turning into another Italy, a country under lock down and in chaos. The health […]

  • How to help local theatre companies bracing for potentially ‘catastrophic’ impacts from COVID-19

    SEATTLE – Co-Executive Director of Nordo, Erin Brindley, loves to find ways to breathe life into the performances on stage. But now she is trying to breathe life into her theatre company in Pioneer Square as COVID-19 threatens to shut down the arts industry. “It could be a blip and we can all recover, no problem, or it could be absolutely catastrophic,” Brindley said. “We are on the knife-edge of that catastrophe,” Annie Lareau, Artistic Director of Seattle Public Theatre, […]

  • Heartbreaking wait continues for families with loved ones inside Kirkland nursing facility

    KIRKLAND, Wash. — Outside the Life Care nursing facility in Kirkland you will often find someone standing by a window waving and talking to a person on the other side. “He started showing symptoms,” Charlie Campbell said. Campbell’s dad Gene has been under quarantine at the nursing facility due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Campbell says his dad was just taken to Swedish after running a low fever.  They are currently waiting for test results. Campbell was at the same spot […]

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