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  • Getting your kids to school safely; parents concerned about dangerous street crossing

    SEATTLE — Part of your commute is getting your kids to and from school safely each day. So it’s no wonder that parents and students at Hawthorne Elementary School are concerned about the cross streets of Genessee and Cascadia in the Columbia City neighborhood. Jason Intravartolo commutes to school each day on his bike, crossing busy street after busy street, but says, crossing the final street to get up the hill to school is sometimes the worst. “Lots of cars, […]

  • Keeping love alive this Valentine’s Day, for couples with kids

    SEATTLE — Valentine’s Day can be one of the most romantic weekends of the year, but for some couples with kids, finding time to dedicate to your partner is near impossible. According to the Gottman Institute, people will say having babies is one of the best experiences in life, yet 69% of couples have an increase in conflict and divorce in the first 5 years of having a child. Heather Sund, couples therapist and “Hold Me Tight” coach, says that […]

  • Thieves prowl cars in unlikely places; protecting your property from smash and grabs

    SEATTLE — The Montlake neighborhood email listserv has become a forum for car prowls in the past month. And neighbors are shocked about how brazen some of the thieves are becoming. “I was in the building five minutes,” Zoe Barsness said, after becoming a victim when she ran her daughter into Montlake Elementary School. “Everything was gone and the drivers side window was broken. She left her computer bag in the car, with her cell phone sitting on the front […]

  • Preparing your family before the emergency strikes

    TACOMA — In the news, you often see the fires and floods after they happen, but there are simple ways to protect your family before the disaster hits. According to Tacoma Fire Department, creating a simple emergency plan is the best way to do it. “I think it’s worse to think, what could I have done? I just feel like there’s so many options that make it easy to do, that you would kick yourself not doing those easy things,” […]

  • Creating healthier relationships, uncovering the problems below the surface

    SEATTLE — A happier New Year, may mean a healthier relationship with your partner. In fact, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute nearly a third of all goals set in the new year are relationship related. Local EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy) and Hold Me Tight Therapist, Heather Sund, says most couples think they should focus on communication skills, but it is more than that. “Even the most refined communications skills will not change anything unless we have cultivated a […]

  • Helping kids avoid anxiety, teaching children self-regulation at an early age

    SEATTLE — More and more kids are experiencing anxiety in school, and according to research, it is because children are having a hard time rising to the challenge of the growing demands in the classroom. That is why self-regulation is becoming a hot topic amongst early childhood educators. Kit Harrington, preschool teacher at Fiddleheads Forest School, describes self-regulation as promoting social and emotional awareness, so children can learn to navigate how they are feeling and what they can do about […]

  • Mental mindfulness, three simple steps to let go of stress

    SEATTLE — It’s a New Year and many people are looking for that ‘New You’. And while weight, exercise, travel and love may dominate some of those New Year goals, happiness is becoming a big focus according to some therapists. Everyone wants to be happy, so it’s no wonder mindfulness is becoming a therapeutic buzzword. The growing practice takes everyday stress and minimizes it in a moment. Clinical psychologist, Yaffa Maritz, and mindful self-compassion instructor, says people are sometimes overwhelmed […]

  • Turkey prices on the rise; how to find a deal for your bird

    It’s a tough Thanksgiving for the turkey. According to the latest economic report from Purdue University, turkey prices will be 15-20 percent higher than last year. Agricultural economist, Corinne Alexander, says the increase is much larger because of the bird flu outbreak that affected turkey flocks earlier this year. But that doesn’t mean you need to pay more for your bird. Angela Russell, of The Coupon Project, says finding the best price for your bird isn’t impossible. She tracks the […]

  • Local zero energy homes prove successful; homeowners share money saving tips

    ISSAQUAH — The country’s first net-zero energy townhomes, zHomes, have been in full use for two years. And time has told, they are a big success. A new report, released by Master Builders Association reported water consumption was reduced by 70% and most homeowners are making money off the energy they produce from their solar panels. Homeowners say they are mostly satisfied with their living standards. They say the methods of living are teaching valuable money saving skills, that any […]

  • Kids use media a third of their day; parents adapt how they monitor screen time

    SEATTLE — Does it ever feel like you have a spare family member? These days screens can feel a lot like that, maybe even the unwanted house guest, who never leaves. They’re in every room, every social situation. And although being constantly plugged in is an adjustment for some, it’s second nature for your kids. For that reason, screen time is a parenting hurdle that isn’t going away, so rather than putting limits on it, parents are figuring out how […]

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