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  • Recycle oil, grease from holiday feasts

    KING CO. – Cooking oil and grease from holiday feasts can be converted into environmentally friendly fuel. The King County Department of Natural Resources is partnering with General Biodiesel to create several drop-off locations throughout the County. Sealed containers can be taken to the following locations and slowly poured into disposal tanks: Bellevue: 15801 N.E .15th St. Burien: 634 S.W. 151st St. Federal lWay: 31531 First Ave. S. Mercer Island: 3605 84th Ave. S.W. Redmond: 8703 160th Ave. N.E. Renton: […]

  • Are gluten allergies a myth?

    WASHINGTON- One allergy specialist says gluten allergies are a myth. Dr. David Stukus claims gluten is blamed for ‘all that ails humanity,’ and only three disorders, including wheat allergies, can be scientifically linked to gluten. He blames ‘medical Googling’ for a lot of the misinformation, recommending people don’t rely on the computer as their only source of health information. Dr. Stukus is going to present his findings to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, where he also promises to debunk hypo-allergenic dogs, […]

  • Architect of 787 program retiring from Boeing

    WASHINGTON — The architect of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is retiring, according to The Seattle Times. The Seattle Times reports, Mike Bair led the Dreamliner program from it’s very beginning in 2003. He was ousted as project leader in 2007 following the 787’s first major delay, which later expanded to more than three years. From there, he held the title of vice president of business strategy and marketing. After nearly 35 years with Boeing, Bair plans to leave at the end of October.

  • Washington National Guard cancels all drills

    TACOMA – National Guard drills are being canceled across the state, due to the government shutdown. 8,000 members of the state’s Army, and Air National Guard will not get their monthly drill pay, according to The Tacoma News Tribune. The drills were expected to take place at different locations around the state. A spokeswoman for the state Military Department says Guard leaders are looking for ways to compensate troops for the lost pay, once the shutdown is resolved.

  • Popes John XXIII and John Paul II to be declared saints

    VATICAN CITY — Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be declared saints in April, the Vatican said Monday. The announcement came after Pope Francis met with cardinals to discuss the planned canonizations of two of his predecessors. The ceremony will take place on April 27. It will be the first time two popes will be canonized at the same time. For more on this CNN story, click here.

  • Expanded light-rail may arrive early

    SEATTLE – Construction on the new route is moving quickly, according to The Seattle Times. Sound Transit thinks it can have the U-District and Capitol Hill lines operating by early 2016, instead of it’s original goal of September 24th 2016, the Times reported. Transit officials are also coming out ahead in finances.  At this point it doesn’t look like the project will have to dip into its $100 million reserve. “We’ve asked our contractors for cost proposals on what it […]

  • Average Washington pot user consumes 123 joints per year

    OLYMPIA- State officials estimate the average marijuana user smokes a joint every three days, according to The Seattle Times. These numbers drive licensing for pot production, including the number of growers, and the size of their operations, the Times reported. Any miscalculation could force consumers to buy from illegal dealers, officials said, and overestimating could lead to an unwanted surplus of marijuana. The state recognizes the joint is losing popularity among young smokers, so analysts have factored in pot-laced edibles and […]

  • United Airlines sells ‘free’ tickets on website

    (CNN) – Just when you thought there were no more air-fare bargains left to be found online… Customers cruising United Airlines’ website for tickets on Thursday got a pleasant surprise. As reported by Forbes, air fares between cities such as Washington, DC and Minneapolis were being sold on the site for $0 to $10. Ticket prices on other domestic routes were displayed as $0, plus $5 tax. Word quickly spread around the Internet and savvy buyers scooped up untold numbers of […]

  • First look at new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

    SEATTLE — It’s been a year of mishaps, but Boeing finally has some good news. The aircraft manufacturer announced over the weekend it had completed its first 787-9 Dreamliner. A larger incarnation of the 787-8, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is 206 feet long – 20 feet longer than its predecessor – and holds 40 more passengers. Its range is also greater, at 8,000-8,500 nautical miles, versus the 787-8s 7,650-8,200 nautical miles. Like the 787-8, the new plane uses 20% less fuel […]

  • Renton Boeing plant clears way for the MAX

    RENTON – Boeing announced it’s freed up space in its 737 assembly plant in Renton, to make room for a dedicated 737 MAX assembly line, the Seattle Times reports. The space was previously used to perform installations on wings.  The Times reporting, earlier this week, the remaining wings were moved to an adjacent building.  Now, work has begun on building the new MAX system. There are over 1,400 orders for the new fuel efficient MAX. The new assembly line is […]

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