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  • Gonzaga students face possible expulsion for using gun to fend off intruder

    SPOKANE (CNN) — Two Gonzaga University students could be suspended or even expelled after using a handgun to defend themselves from an intruder in their university-owned apartment, an act which the university says violates the school’s weapons policy. On the night of October 24, students Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh were in their apartment when there was a knock on the door. Fagan told KXLY in Spokane that he opened the door and a stranger, who said he’d just gotten […]

  • I-522 GMO labeling measure gets little support outside King County

    SEATTLE — By 54-46%, Washington state’s voters were soundly rejecting Initiative 522, which would require labels on products containing genetically modified organisms, the latest election results showed Wednesday afternoon. The hotly contentious issue might have spurred the most expensive political campaign in the state’s history – it’s been reported that more than $30 million has been spent and most of it came from out-of-state donors. On Wednesday afternoon, with more than 1 million votes counted, the measure was being rejected […]

  • CDC issues food allergy guidelines for schools

    SEATTLE — For the first time, the federal government has issued a set of guidelines for managing children’s food allergies at school as part of a growing public health concern that affects up to 6 percent of children in the United States. The voluntary guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include recommendations on what to do when a child has an allergic reaction and how schools can create awareness of children with allergies among faculty and staff. […]

  • Brazilian surfer may have caught biggest wave in history

    A Brazilian surfer may have set the world record for the largest wave ever surfed after riding an estimated 100-foot wave off the coast of Portugal. Carlos Burle took on the gnarly wave while surfing on Monday off of Praia do Norte, along Portugal’s Atlantic Coast. Surf media and witnesses have suggested it could be the biggest wave ever surfed. “At one stage there was a bit of shouting and screaming. Everyone was so excited, you know, and I was […]

  • Experiment: 7,000 Snohomish County students to get fitness monitors

    Nearly 7,000 students will receive watch-sized electronic devices to measure their activity levels, in what’s being called the largest single experiment in getting kids more active in Snohomish County, the Herald reported. The Gear Up & Go program will involve fifth-graders at 15 school districts throughout the county. An event kicking off the program is scheduled Saturday in Snohomish. The hope is that giving kids a way to measure their activity levels will keep them more active and off the […]

  • State Supreme Court weighs in on religion at workplace

    SEATTLE– Washington employers are required by law to forget about religion when it comes to hiring or firing someone, but are businesses obligated to accommodate their workers’ spiritual beliefs? It’s a tricky legal question the state Supreme Court may finally address. On Tuesday, the high court began hearing arguments in a closely watched case. The lawsuit at the center of the case was brought by four employees at Gate Gourmet, an international company that prepares food for airline passengers. For […]

  • Edward Carter’s stairway to heaven: Dying dog’s bucket list

    SEATTLE — Edward Carter is making the most of the time he has left. The 4-year-old Chinese Crested/Maltese mix has terminal cancer and with the help of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond, he’s checking off his bucket list. Ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton: Check. Eat at the dog-friendly Norm’s Eatery and Alehouse: Check. Have a doggie latte at Lucky Jack’s: Check. Get his very own Facebook page: Check. It’s easy to understand why Edward wants to take advantage […]

  • Scarecrow Video: If we only had a little help

    SEATTLE : Touted as the “largest independent video store in the country,” Scarecrow Video, ahead of Saturday’s International Independent  Video Store Day, has some very sad news — the store penned an open letter to customers asking for help to stay afloat: “It is a difficult time to be a video store, and the past several years have not been kind,” wrote Scarecrow Video owners, Carl Tostevin and Mickey McDonough. “Our rental numbers have declined roughly 40% over the past 6 […]

  • Fears that government shutdown could hurt flu vaccine supply

    As the government shutdown stretches into week three, concerns are growing over a potentially dwindling supply of the flu vaccine. There’s no word yet if the vaccine supply in Washington state will be impacted, but other states including Oklahoma are already anticipating a crunch. The flu vaccine is made several months in advance and states are already receiving shipments. At one pharmacy in Oklahoma, however, demand is high and the supply is already running low. “This may be a larger […]

  • How much fish do you eat? EPA sued over Washington consumption estimates

    SEATTLE — A battle over how much fish people eat in Washington will be decided in federal court — at issue is the level of toxic pollution allowed in the state’s waters. Conservation and commercial fishing groups have filed the suit, arguing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has underestimated fish consumption and thus allowed weaker anti-pollution standards than are needed to keep the public safe. Current pollution standards are based on a 1992 estimate that the average person in Washington […]

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