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  • Endowment for UW Tacoma hopes to help adults with autism

    TACOMA – There are several programs available for kids with autism while they’re in school. However, when they reach adulthood, those services, in many cases, are no longer available. That’s why an endowment given to the University of Washington – Tacoma is so important.  It hopes to fill those gaps in providing help for adults with autism and their caregivers. For Meridith Hatch of Gig Harbor, the love for her son Joe is unwavering. “I love him, so of course […]

  • Arlington’s Open Doors Program gives students a second chance

    ARLINGTON, Wash. — For some kids, life just isn’t as easy. But instead of shutting the doors when it comes to getting a GED or high school diploma, this program in Arlington is opening doors for a better life. High school junior Nazrelli Macias definitely has her hands full as a young mother of a 2-year-old. “Sophomore year is when I got pregnant with her. And so I finished my sophomore year, and like junior year was like, ‘Oh my […]

  • Back to the drawing board: Arlington School District weighs bond measure again

    ARLINGTON, Wash. — The phrase “the third time’s a charm” is usually a good thing. But for a school district up in Snohomish County, the third time in this case is heartbreaking, they said. As Arlington continues to expand, what the school district is noticing is that the expansion comes at a price, more importantly a vote. And it’s a vote threshold that’s hard to attain. Eighth grader Kaitlyn Swanson said she loves going to Post Middle School, but she […]

  • Window damaged at historic Polson Building during viaduct demolition

    SEATTLE – It’s been almost three weeks since crews began demolishing the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and some businesses near the demolition are noticing an impact. We revisited one business to see how the demolition impacts their daily routine. We first visited LaDonna Schuh just before the viaduct demolition began, and her excitement then is about the same as the excitement now. “You can tell we’re slowly getting more daylight into this building and it’s fantastic,” said Schuh. Schuh works for […]

  • Learning from the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake

    OLYMPIA, Wash. – There is something about earthquakes that has always intrigued University of Washington professor Harold Tobin. When you speak to him, earthquakes remain top of mind. “Understanding that the earth is actually in motion and that there is plate tectonics going on is what first hooked me in,” Tobin said. “We can help society if we understand faults better.” For Tobin, who is director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network and an earth and space sciences professor at […]

  • UW professor part of team researching earthquakes in Japan

    OLYMPIA, Wash. – To understand why University of Washington professor Harold Tobin went to Japan, all you need to do is look at a map. “Japan is the most seismically active country in the world. Japan and Indonesia,” he said. Tobin just came back from a two-month research trip primarily on board a boat off the coast of southern Japan. The team consisted of 170 members, and 25 members of the team are scientists, said Tobin. The goal, according to […]

  • Billy Frank Jr. continues to leave lasting legacy

    NISQUALLY – If you’ve ever driven on Interstate 5, just northwest of Olympia, you would likely pass a sign that says the Billy Frank Jr. National Wildlife Refuge. It’s named after a man who for generations left a legacy for preserving environmental and Native American rights. He was also a father to a son who looks to carry on his legacy. Whenever Willie Frank III sees the Nisqually River, it brings fond memories. “My brother and I still fish out […]

  • State lawmakers advance bill to ban personal vaccine exemptions

    The number of reported measles cases continues to rise. Two more cases were reported in Clark County. That now brings the total number of cases to 62 so far in Washington state (61 cases in Clark County, 1 case in King County).

  • Seattle businesses offering perks to attract customers during viaduct shutdown

    SEATTLE – Despite the expected traffic nightmare during the viaduct closure, some businesses are hoping to continue to draw customers in. Their main message: despite the construction, they remain open for business. Call it ‘Via-doom’ or ‘Seattle squeeze,’ if you want or you can embrace it. You could also take advantage of some business discounts to keep you coming to Seattle. “They can stay in downtown and avoid the traffic hassles as well. So we win, and hopefully the guests […]

  • Rideshare drivers hoping for the best during viaduct closure

    SEATTLE – By now you’ve likely heard of the options to help you navigate during the viaduct closure set to start on Friday. Among them are public transportation, coming in earlier or later to work, working from home if you can, or carpooling. Bottom line: avoid the traffic mess if you can. But for many commuters, ridesharing could be an option. However, there is concern from some riders that there may not be enough drivers to go around. Some drivers […]

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