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Recent Articles
  • Washington weed retailer says Canada’s legalization ‘will help’ business

    At 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, Canada became the largest country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana. And at least one marijuana retail shop less than two miles from the border isn't worried legalization will cut into stateside profit.

  • Good news, arachnophobics! ‘There’s no need to watch out for any venomous spiders’ in Western Washington

    SEATTLE — No, your aunt Susie in Puyallup didn’t get bit by a brown recluse while she was cleaning out her woodshed. Or any other venomous spider dangerous to humans. That’s because there isn’t a brown recluse within “1,000 miles of Washington,” said Rod Crawford, the curator of arachnids at the Burke Museum of National History and Culture at the University of Washington. And asides from “very small” populations on the San Juan Islands, there aren’t any black widows in […]

  • State congressman applauds vote to remove federal protections for wolves

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — Congress is considering removing gray wolves from the federal list of endangered and threatened species, potentially opening them up to more hunting outside of Washington state. House Bill 6784, known as the “Manage Our Wolves Act,” would push wolves off the Endangered Species Act. It would remove certain habitat protections and open them up to hunting. The bill passed out of the House Committee on Natural Resources Wednesday. Congressman Dan Newhouse, R-Sunnyside, praised the move, saying delisting […]

  • 500,000 sign petition to breach Snake River dams in effort to save orcas

    More than 500,000 people have signed a petition to breach the Lower Snake River dams in an effort to boost wild salmon recovery, putting pressure on state leaders to consider the controversial move.

  • Multiple southern resident orcas are pregnant but another is ailing, researchers say

    Another orca is sick and several others are pregnant in the critically endangered family of southern resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Whale watching boats still disturbing endangered killer whales despite efforts

    FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. — Southern resident orca numbers are the lowest they’ve been in more than three decades. But you’d never know it by the bustling port of Friday Harbor on a bright September day. Bold white letters on red signs say it everywhere: Whale Watching. Tours depart multiple times daily, taking literal boatloads of tourists from places like New Jersey and Texas out to see the majestic plumes of humpbacks and orcas. It’s not just Friday Harbor. The whale […]

  • Governor’s task force releases draft plan to save southern resident orcas

    Click here to comment on the proposals. SEATTLE —Draft recommendations from the governor’s southern resident killer whale task force were released Monday, shedding light on a plan to help save the endangered orcas. The draft is filled with actionable items meant to address issues the orcas face, like prey availability, toxic contaminates and vessel traffic. The 45-member task force will have time to suggest changes before the final report is due to Gov. Jay Inslee’s office on Nov. 16. From […]

  • Bass, walleye ‘invasive’ fish? Potential recommendation would reclassify some sport fish, eliminate catch limits

    SEATTLE — A potential recommendation by the state’s orca task force would reclassify popular sport fish like bass and walleye as ‘invasive’ in certain waterways, eliminating catch limits and impacting sport fishermen. Q13 News has obtained documents containing potential recommendations that could come out of Governor Jay Inslee’s task force to save southern resident orcas. The official draft report does not come out until Sept. 24, but these documents give us insight into what actions the expert working groups prioritized. The documents contain […]

  • ‘She’s dead:’ Scientists say struggling southern resident orca J50 deceased

    A sick and starving orca known as J50 is dead, Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research told Q13 News late Thursday afternoon.

  • Sick orca J50 hasn’t been spotted in days, feared stranded or dead

    On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced 4-year-old J50 hasn't been seen alongside her mother - known as J16 - or the rest of her resident pod in several days.