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Recent Articles
  • Orca mother carries dead calf for 17th day as it’s ‘starting to come apart’

    An orca mother continues to hold on to her dead calf, even as its carcass decomposes on top of her.

  • Weather may prevent NOAA, Canada from medicating sick and starving orca

    FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. — Rougher weather off the coast of Washington could hinder efforts to medicate a sick and starving southern resident killer whale. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, along with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, have the authority to administer antibiotics to the sick and starving 3-year-old orca known as J50. UPDATE: As of this morning, J50 will be able to be medicated in Canadian waters. I reported last night that NOAA submitted the application to @FishOceansCAN before 5 […]

  • Orca mother still carrying dead calf, marking 16th day of ‘tour of grief’

    FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. — A southern resident orca mother is still carrying her dead and decomposing calf, more than two weeks after she was first spotted holding on to her offspring. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told Q13 News the department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada spotted the orca carrying the calf Wednesday near the tip of the Olympic Peninsula. She was seen alongside the rest of her J Pod group. J35 was first spotted July 24 carrying the […]

  • Starving, sick orca not spotted since last week as NOAA readies unprecedented action

    A starving and sick 4-year-old southern resident orca hasn't been spotted since last week, just as an unprecedented federal government plan to feed her live salmon awaits final approval.

  • Orca mother on ‘tour of grief’ carries dead calf for 10th straight day

    FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. — A southern resident orca mother carried her dead calf in the waters off Washington’s coast for a 10th straight day Thursday, in what researchers are calling a “tour of grief.” Affiliates of the Center for Whale Research spotted J35 – known as Tahlequah – carrying her dead calf in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, according to Taylor Shedd of Soundwatch. She trailed slightly behind the main J-Pod, but was accompanied by her immediate family. The […]

  • Orca carries dead calf – now decomposing – for ‘unprecedented’ ninth straight day

    FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. — Researchers are calling it a “tour of grief.” They’re also calling it unprecedented. The female southern resident orca known as J35 was spotted Wednesday carrying her dead calf in an apparent sign of grieving, marking the ninth straight day she has done so. Researchers said rough seas Tuesday and Wednesday made it hard to confirm whether or not she was carrying her dead offspring. But around 2:45 p.m., J35 was spotted with the neonatal calf carcass. […]

  • Grieving mother orca carries dead calf for seventh straight day

    A female southern resident orca carried its dead calf on its head for the seventh straight day, in an apparent sign of grieving.

  • ‘Pathogens’ found in starving orca’s fecal samples; no update on dead calf

    Microorganisms that can cause disease have been found in the fecal samples of a starving 4-year-old southern resident orca, raising the possibility that the struggling mammal may be diseased as well as malnourished.

  • Sea-Tac officials: Friday will be airport’s busiest day – ever

    Perry Cooper, a spokesperson for Sea-Tac Airport, said they project the airport will see more than 170,000 fliers Friday.

  • 2 giant fish caught in Seattle lake; 1 of which would have crushed state record

    SEATTLE — Ahmed Majeed fished a Seattle lake because his friends challenged him. They laughed, saying he’d get skunked. They’re not laughing now. “I see my name on Google now,” Majeed said. Majeed, 35, caught two huge fish at Seattle’s Green Lake over the weekend, one almost certainly breaking the state record. Unfortunately, for the second time in a month, no official scale was immediately available to measure the fish. Iraq-born Majeed has been fishing since he was 8 years […]