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  • Parents, providers feel the pinch in state’s ‘child-care crisis’

    TACOMA, Wash. — Any parent can tell you good child-care is hard to find. But a child-care crunch in Washington is making any care – not just good care – tough. And finding a licensed provider to watch your infant? Sometimes, it feels impossible. Q13 News heard from parents who struggled to find care, talked with a major child-care advocacy group in the state and learned what steps lawmakers are taking to ease what many are calling a “child-care crisis.” […]

  • Auburn’s rich farming history still shines today, despite challenges

    AUBURN, Wash. — You may think of Auburn as little more than a Seattle suburb. But ask any longtime Washingtonian, and they’ll tell you it’s also known for its crunchy cucumbers, crisp lettuce and fragrant rhubarb. In fact, many will argue some of the best farming in the state sits on the west side of the Cascades. Rosella and Burr Mosby’s 350-acre farm rests on the fertile soil of the Auburn Valley. The first-generation farmers grow zucchini, cucumbers, leeks, beats, […]

  • Orca Pod-Cast Episode 1: The Last Generation of Southern Resident Orcas?

    We begin with a mother orca's 17-day "tour of grief." How J35's display captured the attention of the world as she pushed her dead calf for more than 1,000 miles. And how Q13 News' Simone Del Rosario began diving deeper into the plight of the iconic killer whales.

  • Too many elk? Some ranchers struggle as state works to find solutions

    SKAGIT COUNTY, Wash. — Drive the Cascade foothills from Monroe to the Canadian border and you could spot them. Elk. People passing through stop to take pictures of the massive herds. Admire their antlers, marvel at their haunches. But many in Snohomish and Skagit counties say the elk are a threat to a way of life. “It is compromising agriculture for 80 farms registered for elk damage from Sedro Woolley up to Concrete,” said Skagit River Ranch owner George Vojkovich. […]

  • Police: Vigilante group held up suspected truck thief in OfferUp sting

    EVERETT – Police arrested a suspected thief after a small group of vigilantes tracked him down and set-up an informal sting operation. Officers were called to a report of two armed men holding another man down on the ground Wednesday morning in the parking lot of an Everett Safeway store. When officers arrived, the men pointing their weapons at the person on the ground told police they were making a citizen’s arrest, police said. They believed the man was selling […]

  • Non-federal employees plan to study health of sick orcas as shutdown continues

    ORCAS ISLAND, Wash. — A group of scientists not employed by the federal government is coming together to make sure the shutdown doesn’t impact one of the state’s most vulnerable species. Marine biologists, veterinarians and southern resident orca experts will assess the health conditions of J17 and K25 in the coming days. They plan to gather fecal and breath sample from the ailing orca, and then send them to the lab for analysis. Typically, work like this would fall under […]

  • Video, photos of new orca calf show energetic youngster keeping up with pod

    Photos and video of the endangered southern resident orca population's newest member were released late last week, showing the newborn calf "bouncing around" in good health.

  • New southern resident orca born, giving hope to critically endangered species

    A new southern resident killer whale was spotted alongside its mother Friday, becoming the first calf born to the critically endangered species and seen alive since 2015.

  • Landmark deal between BPA, states and tribes could mean better salmon survival rates

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — Federal, state and tribal groups have agreed to a landmark deal allowing for flexible water spillover on Columbia River and Snake River dams, a compromise partners hope will save salmon and manage costs. The deal calls for increased spillover at dams for certain times of the day and year. The agreement covers the eight lower Columbia and Snake River dams and lasts for three years. Spillover can increase chances of young salmon survival. But it lessens the amount […]

  • Some mountain snow on the way, but will it be enough to open all ski resorts?

    SEATTLE — If you’re a skier or boarder, you’re getting antsy. The turkey has been carved. The leftovers thrown away. But with only a few mountain resorts open for minimal operations, skiers and snowboarders are left twiddling their thumbs. When will Northwest ski resorts open in full? Q13 News Meteorologist Tim Joyce says most resorts want to see about a 24-inch base before full operations. Most are still a ways off. Gwyn Howat, the operations manager and executive vice president […]

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