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  • Could selfies make you less likeable?

    New research from WSU could help you increase the number of ‘likes’ on your social media posts. Psychologists asked college students from one university to look at dozens of Instagram posts from another university, and rate them based on things like self-absorption, self-esteem, extroversion, and success. They found that regardless of what the posts were about (friends, accomplishments, travel, etc) the people who took selfies were judged lower in self-esteem, lonelier, and less adventurous.  By comparison, people who posed for […]

  • AI-powered system comes to CHI Franciscan

    Setting schedules at CHI Franciscan Health is about to look a lot more like rocket science. “Mission Control” is now 18 screens filled with constantly-updating data about patients, medical staff, and procedures.  The system is intended to help hospital staff figure out where doctors and nurses are most needed at any given time, when patients are scheduled to go home, and what specific care each patient is likely to need. “Our goal is to be able to look forward into […]

  • Ferry floats through Ballard, bound for repairs

    It’s a tight squeeze whenever one of Washington’s state ferries needs to take the trip to repair docks in Lake Union. The Elwha traveled through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks – better known as the Ballard Locks – early Monday morning as many Seattleites were gearing up to start their day. Washington State Ferries tweeted a video time-lapse showing the process of having tugboats guide the much larger vessel from the Puget Sound to Lake Union. Here’s what it looked […]

  • Planning a picnic to benefit local police department

    A local senior community is buzzing about a barbecue to raise money for teddy bears. Many police departments have programs providing officers with stuffed animals to give to kids caught up in high-stress police response situations, and Village Concepts of Milton decided to support the effort, with a Teddy Bear Picnic. Executive Director Jennifer Dennis says the project is especially near to her heart because both of her parents were police officers. “Growing up I heard stories of my parents responding […]

  • Modernizing Port of Seattle’s Terminal 5

    We’re going to need a bigger dock! With cargo ships getting bigger and bigger, the Northwest Seaport Alliance is working to bring in cranes that can keep up. You can see the huge cranes at Terminal 5 from the West Seattle Bridge.  But as big as they are, Seaport Project Management director Anne Porter says the cranes we have aren’t quite big enough to efficiently get containers on and off the cargo ships traversing the Pacific. “What’s happening in the […]

  • You can now buy fireworks – but can you set them off?

    State-wide fireworks sales started Friday, less than a week before the 4th of July.  While state law allows you to set off fireworks from 9AM-11PM from June 29th to July 3rd, 9AM-midnight on July 4th, and 9AM-9PM on July 5th, many cities and counties have chosen to create stricter rules. Independence Day fireworks are banned throughout Chelan County, for example.  In Kittitas County, you can set off fireworks in unincorporated parts of the county on July 4th, but they’re banned […]

  • Seawolves fans celebrate back-to-back championships

    When you think of Seattle sports teams, rugby likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But maybe it should be.  The Seattle Seawolves just won back-to-back Major League Rugby championships in 2018 and 2019. “We knew it was coming.” said Wendy Ogden, who made the trip from Bremerton to show her support. “We just knew it. We had all the faith in the world in them.” Fans lined up outside Seattle City Hall early Friday to celebrate the […]

  • Wicked deal: $25 tickets – if you’re willing to wait around

    Wicked flies into Seattle’s Paramount Theater this week, and as fans know: ticket prices for the $13 million dollar musical can sometimes defy gravity. “This is one of the bigger tours on the road.” says company manager Steve Quinn. “[The] Lion King is obviously very big; Hamilton is very big; [The] Phantom [of the Opera] is big, and we’re big…we’re missing nothing you would see in New York. We’ve got flying monkeys,  and flying witches, and brooms, and everything you expect with […]

  • King County homeless numbers drop for the first time in years

    New numbers just released show homelessness in King County dropped in 2019, for the first time since 2012. Each year, volunteers take one night in late January to count all the people they can find living without homes. Overall, King County homelessness dropped 5% in 2019.  But the numbers go farther than that. ‘Count Us In’ splits the homeless into two groups: ‘sheltered’ and ‘unsheltered.’  People are considered “sheltered” if they’re staying at a homeless shelter, a safe haven, or […]

  • Behind the scenes with a local bagpipes band

    Bagpipes are immediately recognizable.  You might have heard the skirl above a wedding procession, a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, a parade, or a funeral.  The pipes are especially common at military and law enforcement funerals – and almost every pipes band in the country performs at ceremonies on Memorial Day. We got to sit in on the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band’s practice session, to see the work that musicians put in behind the scenes every week. In addition to learning […]

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