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    Have a green Christmas: what NOT to recycle

    The gifts are unwrapped, and now piles of wrapping paper and packaging have to be cleaned up.  You might think the most environmentally friendly thing to do is bundle all that festive gift wrap into the recycling bin – but most of it should actually be thrown out instead! Ribbon and bows cannot be recycled, and neither can cards, boxes, bags, or gift wrap decorated with glitter or metallic accents.  If you do toss it in the recycling bin, you […]

  • Christmas crash injures 10

    A crash on the Key Peninsula injured ten people and shut down SR-302 for hours Christmas night. Washington State Patrol says four cars crashed on the Purdy Sand Spit, blocking the road in both directions. Update. 10 pts 9 transported. Spit will be shut down by county for awhile longer — Key Peninsula Fire (@kpfd16) December 26, 2019 Of the ten people hurt in the crash, nine had to be taken to the hospital.  WSP says all of them […]

  • Fire destroys abandoned home in Edmonds

    Firefighters expect to work through Christmas night to keep an abandoned house fire in unincorporated Edmonds from spreading to others in the neighborhood. The fire was already raging when someone called 911 around 6:45 Wednesday night.  Firefighters say the home, overlooking the Puget Sound, had been abandoned for years.  But South Snohomish Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Jason Turner says abandoned doesn’t necessarily mean ’empty.’ “It appears that some vagrants had been living in the basement,” Turner said, adding later: […]

  • Holiday classic returns to Pacific Northwest Ballet

    Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite may be one of the most recognized pieces of classical music in the world – and for many Americans, it’s the soundtrack to the holiday season. Friday, that marvelous music returns to Seattle, performed live every weekend through the end of December at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. “It’s one of the iconic productions – not just ballet,” says PNB director of communications Gary Tucker. “It’s one of the iconic shows that everyone should experience at some point.” […]

  • Lacey utility payment system hacked

    Hackers hit the City of Lacy’s online bill payment website, which means if you pay your utility bills online, you might need to lock down your information. The city says someone broke into its online system between August and October of 2019.  The system is now shut down, and anyone trying to pay a bill is redirected to this letter, explaining what happened. Investigators are still working to figure out who’s responsible for the hack, and exactly what they got […]

  • National Forest offering Christmas trees

    No need to wait for Thanksgiving – you can cut a fresh Christmas tree from the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest any time after November 1st. Families can get permits to cut or dig up a tree 15 feet or shorter to take home and decorate for the holidays.  If you’ve got a fourth-grader, permits are free through the Every Kid Outdoors program.  If not, it will cost you $5 to get a permit from the Forest Service or certain local […]

  • Huge candy haul? Donate it!

    For kids, dressing up in a costume and collecting candy from the neighbors on a school night (or several nights) can be a dream come true.  But for parents, faced with the inevitable sugar rush and the risk of a battle over miniature candy, it can be more of a nightmare. So here’s a possible solution: let your kids trick-or-treat to their hearts’ content – and then donate the candy. Operation Gratitude is accepting Halloween candy until November 8th.  Some […]

  • Keeping girls in school, one tampon at a time

    “I was kind of sick of my friends and I just sitting around saying, ‘I wanna do something, I wanna change something!'” Shelley Sleeper had no idea that some teenage girls skip school because they can’t afford the feminine hygiene products they need.  But she knew she wanted to help – somehow. “We were first going to do food.” Sleeper says. “When you think of helping others, you always think food first.” “Do we want to get coats for kids, […]

  • Bellevue Police: Scammers targeting church congregations

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — Police in Bellevue are warning about a scam targeting local religious communities. Police say a scammer, pretending to be a pastor, emailed congregation members to ask for gift cards, saying they would be used to help sick friends. The FTC says it’s a scam popping up more and more often. Scammers create a fake email address, often only a few letters or numbers different from the real deal, and ask worshipers to buy gift cards and reply […]

  • Seattle Fire kicks off ‘Fill-the-Boot’ campaign

    Seattle firefighters are taking to the streets in an effort to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).  Seattle Fire’s fill-the-boot campaign has raised more than a million dollars in the past 18 years. Muscular Dystrophy can refer to a wide range of diseases – but the one thing they all have in common is that they break down the muscles needed for everything from blinking and swallowing to walking. While MDA operates nation-wide, the Seattle area has so […]

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