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  • Is it worth it to cut the cord?

    With high prices for cable, more people are cutting the cord and relying on streaming services instead. So we wanted to know if it’s worth it to ditch cable for good. “With streaming, there is a little bit more involved. You have to pick and choose from different sources in order to get sports or movies or news,” says Derek Wing, PEMCO communications manager. So he suggests asking yourself a few key questions first. Do you have a fast a […]

  • Is the NEXUS pass worth it?

    With a nice exchange rate, there’s no better time to go to Canada. If you’ve ever driven across the border, you’ve probably noticed the fast lanes that lets you skip the long line for customs. To take a fast lane, you need the NEXUS pass, so we wanted to find out if it’s really worth it. We spoke to Kristine Zewe, PEMCO underwriting analyst. She says a passport really is the gold standard. But an enhanced driver’s license and the […]

  • Is travel insurance worth it?

    There are plenty of last minute travel deals for the end of summer. Before you book, stop to think if you need travel insurance. We talked to Derek Wing, PEMCO communications manager. He says any trip worth $5,000 or more should be covered. Another big thing to consider is whether you are heading outside the country. “In foreign countries, your health insurance might not be honored,” says Wing. “In a worst case scenario, if you need to be flown home, […]

  • Is it worth it to move all of your belongings?

    Moving is stressful enough, especially if you try and pack everything you own. PEMCO senior product manager Dawn Lee says that’s why it’s important to think about important documents and valuables first. “Once you identify those items, everything else is negotiable,” says Lee. She says there are two main categories of items that you should never move. The first includes items that are heavy and low in value. “It almost never makes sense to pack canned goods, or books that […]

  • Is staging your home worth it?

    The end of August is a hot time for the real estate market. A lot of people turn to staging their home to make it more attractive to buyers. That can be key since most listings are online. According to some experts, a good first impression can increase the asking price. PEMCO underwriting program manager Gary Kinniburgh says the key is getting rid of clutter. That includes the inside and the outside of your home. “If your front door is […]

  • Are sprinkler systems worth it?

    Just like air conditioners, sprinkler systems can be rare in the Pacific Northwest. But are built-in sprinkler systems worth the investment? “There are disadvantages to neglecting  your lawn during the summer months,” says PEMCO business development manager Allison Leep. “It often can’t recover for another year or even a year and a half. So that’s extra watering you’re putting into it,” Leep adds. She says there are three main reasons to invest in a sprinkler system. The first is it […]

  • Is electronics insurance worth it?

    The latest electronics can set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. So you may think you need to pay extra for the insurance or extended warranty. But PEMCO communications manager Derek Wing says  that may not be the case. “Technology is moving and advancing so quickly that for instance with smart phones, people only keep them for a couple of years and then they switch out and get the newer model,” says Wing. He recommends taking five things into […]

  • Are electric cars worth it?

    Electric cars have come a long way. But some still come with a steep price tag, so are they worth it? “There’s satisfaction knowing you’re leaving a tiny footprint on the planet,” says PEMCO service and customer operations manager Samantha Lewsley. “There’s also much less maintenance to a battery operated car compared to a combustion engine and you’ll be stunned at how quiet they are.” Lewsley says electric cars make sense in urban areas. But once you leave the city, […]

  • Google To Buy Smart Thermostat Maker Nest For 3.2 Billion

    Is smart home technology worth it?

    Everything is connected these days. Even our homes are getting a tech upgrade. But is smart home technology worth it? “The systems can alert you to a break-in, they could help avert, even shut off your water, so avert a water loss,” says Gary Kinniburgh, PEMCO senior underwriter. But it goes beyond that. Some of the most common smart home capabilities include turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat, and controlling entertainment systems. If you want to try this out, the […]

  • Are short-term rentals worth it?

    With rent prices rising, you may be tempted to list your home on a short-term rental site like Airbnb. But is is it worth it?

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