COVID-19 in Washington: Links and resources to help you during coronavirus pandemic

Seattle, you are something!

I feel incredibly lucky to call the Evergreen State my home. From the beautiful mountains to the Puget Sound and lakes galore, it all takes my breath away every single time.

My parents’ brave steps from South Korea brought them to a small borough in northern New Jersey. I have fond memories of tagging along with my dad on his errands to Manhattan. To this day, the smell of the NYC subway brings back childhood nostalgia.

I first got my calling to journalism in high school, but it would be the experiences of affirmation thereafter that truly solidified my passion for the craft, and more importantly the communities we serve.

One was during my freshman year of college at Penn State. A photographer spent an entire year studying and learning about the culture behind the Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade. His excitement and wonder of the decades long family tradition was contagious, and I was hooked.

My jobs have taken me on a tour of the northeast: right by the Mason-Dixon line in Hagerstown, MD, to lake effect snow in Rochester, NY, and the charming New England state of Connecticut. Reporting has put me in waist deep snow, a street protest that would last hours and even thousands of feet underground in a salt mine. I’m here to serve you!

Please feel free to connect with me and keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Go Hawks!

Recent Articles
  • With Easter Sunday plans upended, candy makes everything sweeter

    SEATTLE — Easter Sunday is only a few days away, but the owners of locally owned candy shops in Seattle said their sales have been doing well for weeks. “Candy makes everything sweeter,” said Kristi Holmes with The Confectionary in University Village. Holmes said Covid-19 started impacting their business just as the shop got all of its Easter candy inventory. Holmes and a few of her remaining employees have been selling jelly beans, eggs and chocolate rabbits and more for […]

  • Teachers, families share wins and losses of at-home learning

    SEATTLE — The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the landscape of education. Educators such as Christine Williams are relying on technology and learning new platforms to teach children online. “My whole preschool is right here. That is unbelievable,” said Williams as she showed us her home classroom. “With preschool, you’ve got hands-on-learning and you’ve got thousands of dollars of material, but I can’t use them.” Williams said teachers like herself are starting from scratch, and it feels like being a first-year […]

  • ‘It kind of hurts a lot’: Students, parents react to schools remaining closed

    "Prom is something I’ve been looking forward to since I was in fifth grade. Maybe younger. I’ve had my dress for over a year now.”

  • ”We’re trying to hang by threads’: Seattle restaurant vandalized

    A local security company is offering free services to more than two dozen downtown Seattle businesses amid coronavirus closures and reported vandalism.

  • Porch pirates & auto thieves violating stay-at-home order

    KING COUNTY – Chances are you’ve ordered a box or two since the stay-at-home order kicked in. You may be waiting on a package now. Police in Lake Forest Park are reminding people at home to retrieve packages as soon as they arrive. Just this past Monday night, he said a man in his late teens to early 20s stole a package from a pregnant woman’s door front. “People are turning to online shopping for critical items, and it’s especially […]

  • Bike Works is back open and providing services to essential workers

    SEATTLE – A bike shop that’s been around for a quarter of a century is back open after closing its door for most of March. “We closed right away when we started to see the writing on the wall,” said Elise Hirschi, works at Bike Works. “We’re not actually interacting with customers face-to-face right now.” Hirschi works in a communications and fundraising role for the bike and repair shop that is also a non-profit in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. The […]

  • State Patrol: Man throws rock onto car driving down I-5

    A couple in Seattle was left shaken after a rock was thrown into their moving vehicle on I-5 heading south near I-90.

  • Seattle passes rent and mortgage relief resolution

    SEATTLE — The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on Governor Jay Inslee, federal legislators, and the White House administration to place a moratorium on rent and mortgage payments for homes and businesses. The resolution was introduced by Councilmember Tammy Morales who represents District 2, South Seattle and the CID. “I hate to say it, but we’re in for several months or longer of people being in crisis,” said Morales. “We need to make sure that our mom-and-pop […]

  • Millions of Americans unemployed days before April rent and mortgages are due

    The most important thing you can do if you can't pay your rent or mortgage on time is to keep an open dialogue with your landlord or lender.

  • Why pot shops are considered ‘essential’ amid stay-at-home order

    Not everyone is on board with dispensaries staying open while other businesses are forced to close, but pot shop owners argue that cannabis is used as an anti-depressant, a sleep aid and to curb opiate addiction.

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