Poll suggests people who quarantine with mom are happier

Mom squeezing hand sanitizer onto littler daughter’s hands

A new poll conducted by Zippia revealed that people who live with their mothers during quarantine are significantly happier.

Zippia surveyed 500 American adults and asked whether or not they lived with their moms and if they were happy.Twenty-two percent of people who were polled were happier living with their moms than those who were not and the number of people who lived with their moms were largely in the 18-24 age range.

“Only 3% of all survey respondents said they wouldn’t see their mother because they ‘didn’t want to.’ The other 97% want to see their mom– with many are only kept apart due to circumstances, coronavirus included,“ according to the poll.

Whether or not you’re kept away from your mom because of the pandemic or circumstance, Zoom or FaceTime are great tools to connect with loved ones while keeping a safe distance.

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