Healthy Living: Staying connected in the age of social distancing

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SEATTLE -- A lot of us are working from home and basically eliminating human interaction, which can bring on feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. So how can make sure that we are prioritizing our health during this time, while staying connected?

Dr. Oliveira is the senior medial director at Regence BlueShield, and he says it is so important to stay social in a social distancing world.

“Use the technology that you have available to you. Many of us have the ability to do video chatting with a friend, a family member, such as I did with my son today. Chat, text, send messages, even do a neighborhood email chains if you can. Worst case scenario, just pick up the phone and call someone," he said.

Dr. Oliveira says if you start to feel depressed or sick, there are resources available.

“Telemedicine is a great solution for you, not only for primary care services. If you’re worried about that you may have the flu or COVID-19, but also if you need behavioral health services as well," he said.

Myths about coronavirus are spreading like wildfire across the internet. Dr. Oliveira says don't buy into those rumors. It is best to just go straight to the source.

“Read reliable resources, your health department, the CDC, those are places to get information on COVID-19, not necessarily your favorite ad coming through Facebook or other social media sites," he said.

As always, there are the tried and true methods to health and wellness, even if it looks a little different this day and age.

“Get enough sleep, eat well and exercise! And exercise may have to take different paths given where you are in your social distancing standpoint, working out at home or taking a hike, all are important things.”

Dr. Oliveira says because a lot of us don't have to commute right now, it offers up some extra time to pick up an old hobby. Maybe it is painting, playing the piano or just hunkering down with a good book. All of these things can help you stay connected while staying healthy!

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