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Adults unwittingly share body-shame with kids

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SEATTLE, Wash -- We all want our children to have a healthy body image and feel confident in their sense of self and the body they have.

However, the things we say to ourselves are picked up by children more often than we think.

Even a comment like  'ugh, this has too many carbs' or 'I better watch it with the cheese.'

In fact-- a new study shows that 25% of women report high levels of concern about their weight and body shape.

But even more alarming, 76% of parents talk poorly about their own bodies in front of their children, and 43% talked about their children`s bodies.

It`s safe to say that none of us want to insult or create a poor body image for our children, but we might be doing more harm than we think.

Q13 News anchor Travis Mayfield talked with Kaiser Permanente Washington's Doctor Annie Hoopes about how all adults can change how we talk about our health and diet to set a better example for kids.

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