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Ashford man survives after landslide consumes him

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ASHFORD, Wash. -- An Ashford man says he's lucky to be alive after being stuck in one of the landslides that shut down SR 706.

Sam Parker said it happened on February 13. It was cold and dark and he was walking along the highway to meet friends.

"I noticed that I started hearing some noises and trees were breaking and I can see a big wall of mud coming. I look either way and it didn't matter where I looked, it was there," said Parker.

Parker said the mud consumed his body and he felt like he was sinking in slow motion.

"I had gotten to a place where no matter where I reached, my hand would keep sinking, and my face would go down in it and there was no pavement in it. It was just mud," recalled Parker.

Parker is partially disabled and had to take frequent breaks to regain strength as he fought the slide. He said after what he says felt like an hour, he saw headlights and a man approached him.

"He saw my hand up and he could barely see me. He came and got me and drug me out. Without him I probably wouldn't be here," said Parker.

Parker suffered cuts and bruises on his legs. He says what kept him from giving up was an unresolved fight with a close friend.

"I didn't tell her I was sorry and that's one thing that kept me going at least 2 times. When I give up, that kept me working. It kept me wanting to go," said Parker.

Parker says his rescuer never told his name, but Parker found him on Facebook and hopes to get in touch with him soon to thank him.

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