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College pole vaulter’s gut-wrenching groin injury video goes viral

PROVO, Utah (KTVX) — Brigham Young University pole vaulter Zach McWhorter, is going viral on TikTok — but at a painful price.

McWhorter, a 21-year-old student, was practicing his pole vaulting skills when he suffered an excruciating injury. The video shows his pole essentially impaling his scrotum during what began as a normal vault. Apparently, the pole had fallen the wrong way.

According to Fox Sports, the athlete’s dad rushed him to the hospital where he received 18 stitches. Luckily, McWhorter says he only has a scar from the incident.

So far, McWhorter’s TikTok video has over 18 million views, 3.6 million likes and over 38,000 comments.

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