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Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long look ahead to Super Bowl LIV on FOX

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LOS ANGELES (NEXSTAR) — If it seems like the crew of FOX NFL Sunday has great chemistry, it’s not smoke and mirrors — it’s the real deal. Spending a few minutes with Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long will prove the group is truly a team.

“Howie is our straight guy, he’s our good-looking guy, he’s our stud muffin,” Bradshaw said of his longtime co-host. “I’m more about entertaining than I am presenting the Xs and Os or stuff like that. It kind of gets boring to me after awhile.”

On Sunday, Long and Bradshaw will be on the pregame show desk for their ninth Super Bowl together.

Long says the FOX NFL Sunday crew has the flexibility to be themselves, be entertaining and be conversational.

“People never say to us, ‘hey, I love that football point you made.’ It’s always the laugh, the gaffe or when someone screws up,” Long said.

Long noted the southern, “Jed Clampett” routine from Bradshaw is simply an act. He says the Hall of Fame quarterback is as smart as it gets. Bradshaw may disagree.

“That’s really who I am. I’m really a simple guy,” Bradshaw said of himself.

“He’s one of the smartest people I know,” Long responded.

A humble Bradshaw said Super Bowl Sunday isn’t about the pregame show. He pointed to FOX talent and overall production value of the broadcast as the true centerpiece of the day.

“I find the Super Bowl very easy to do,” Bradshaw added.

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