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Youngest victim of downtown Seattle shooting released from hospital

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SEATTLE - Doctors are giving the youngest victim in a downtown Seattle shooting a promising prognosis. Nine-year-old Judah was discharged from Harborview Medical Center Friday afternoon.

He was one of seven people shot Wednesday after a fight turned into a shootout near 3rd and Pine in front of a McDonald's.

Erik Larson, a friend of Judah’s family, said the boy was with family and friends on a field trip in Seattle. Panic filled the streets of downtown when the shots rang out. Judah was shot in the leg.

Despite the traumatic experience, Larson said the child remained calm.

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“One of the police officers that was onsite said he didn’t even cry,” said Larson.

Judah was rushed to Harborview for surgical procedures.

“The bullet pierced his femur, shattering it in places. And the doctors are so good here, they got it put back together like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Larson.

Instead of fear, the family friend said the young man showed resilience through it all.

“He wasn’t happy to be shot, but he understands the underlying reasons. And that kind of fuels his energy to get out there and talk to others about the hope that the Bible offers,” said Larson.

The family friend said Judah’s strength is a testament to his strong faith and upbringing. His family are members of the Jehovah’s Witness faith community. Members of the congregation surrounded Judah and his family during his time at Harborview.

“There were dozens of people here Wednesday night, all day yesterday and even today. So, they’ve had some great support from their faith and their friends,” said Larson.

Larson mentioned doctors gave the child a promising prognosis. He will have to go through rehab during his recovery. Still, Larson said the child is hopeful about his future.

“His goal, upon getting out, is to spend 30 hours doing volunteer Bible ministry in March,” said Larson. “We’re well known for our door to door Bible ministry. Some of you may see Judah at your door before you even know it.”

Two women were also caught in the crossfire. 50-year-old Tanya Jackson was killed. The other, a 55-year-old, is in intensive care in serious condition with a bullet wound to the abdomen. Both were residents of Plymouth Housing for many years after experiencing homelessness. A spokesperson said their community is devastated about the tragedy, saying in a statement:

“As part of our permanent supportive housing model, our buildings become close-knit communities; these women were like family to many. Our hearts go out to the families, friends, and neighbors of all the victims.”

The spokesperson mentioned Plymouth Housing is offering support to those hurting during the tough time.

A Harborview spokesperson said a 32-year-old man shot in the leg is in satisfactory condition.

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