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Convoy of volunteers deliver essentials to families once stranded in Sky Valley

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SKYKOMISH, Wash. – Heavy snow shut down U.S. Highway 2 earlier this week stranding some families in the smaller communities in the foothills.

Dozens of volunteers shared their time and resources to deliver food, fuel and other essentials to families in the Sky Valley, some who have been cut off for days.

Many families in Skykomish have been without power for days.

A generator powered the gas station and some other businesses in the small town.

Friday, a convoy of neighbors delivered food, fuel and firewood to those who have been cut off as massive amounts of snow-covered the tiny community of Skykomish.

“This is the worst I’ve seen it in several years,” said volunteer Roschelle Monghan.

Monaghan helped to deliver food to the local food bank in Skykomish.

“A lot of people don’t have the vehicles or it’s just hard to get around in this kind of thing,” she said.

In the small community of Grotto, more volunteers helped dig neighbors out of the snow.

“I’m out here just to help out,” said Joseph Alonso.

Alonso helped clear a path up to a veteran’s home who had been trapped by snow for nearly a week.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said volunteer Raun Hargrove. “People need to step up when they can.”

Hargrove came to help all the way from Covington. He said it is the least he can do.

“I live in a small town sometimes we need help, too,” he said. “It’s just a neighborly thing to do.”

In Skykomish, volunteers unloaded propane, diesel, kerosene, and gas for those who need help.

It’s about neighbors helping neighbors stay warm, fed and safe after a monster storm cut them off from civilization.

“I would hope that if I was in a similar situation someone would help us,” said Monaghan.”

The convoy coordinator said more trips could be planned to bring families food, fuel, and other supplies as needed.

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