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30-car pileup highlights dangerous winter driving conditions

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MEDINA, Wash. - Washington State Patrol says troopers in King County alone responded to 198 collisions since Sunday. That includes a multi-vehicle wreck Monday evening on the Westbound 520 floating bridge, involving approximately 30 cars including a bus.

Tweets from drivers tell of their terrifying experiences slipping and sliding on black ice. Twitter user @Team_Nordin tweeted "Same here, slid through multiple lanes to avoid the cars that had already wrecked." User @GrahamHorgdal tweeted "I was there 30 minutes ago and barely escaped. It started with people cresting the hill going well over the speed limit and losing control due to ice."

WSDOT says the bridge was pretreated before the collision and crews plan to treat it again before Tuesday evening's commute, but warns there is no guarantee it won't freeze again.

"When we treat our roads we're really trying to reduce the freezing temperature on the roadway, so if you've got snow or ice or wintry mix ,it wont necessarily freeze right away, but it still could freeze because temperatures can change and it can still freeze," said Bart Treece with WSDOT.

WSP is asking drivers to be cautious.

"it really drives the point home that when you're on a raised surface like on ramps, off ramps, bridges, to really slow it down because it looks like we're going to have this weather for a bit," said Trooper Rick Johnson.

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