Who cut down the only tree in the world’s smallest park? Portland residents left scratching their heads

Photo courtesy KOIN 6

PORTLAND, Ore. — The world’s smallest park in downtown Portland has, once again, lost its lone tree.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports a stump is all that remains in Portland’s 2-foot-wide Mill Ends Park.

On Thursday afternoon, tourists who had put the pint-sized park on their things-to-see list settled instead for selfies with a barren concrete planter.

Mark Ross with Portland Parks & Recreation told KOIN 6 it’s gratifying to see so many people express their concerns about the tree at Mill Ends Park.

“It appears that someone did cut and remove the tree. Perhaps someone whose heart is two sizes two small? That’s just speculation,” Ross said. “The leprechaun family which lives at the park is visiting family in Ireland for the holidays, but we’ve notified them about the loss. Our staff will evaluate the adjacent park topography and plantings, and find a suitable new tree to plant in the park. Portland Parks & Recreation will not be filing a police report in this instance. The cost of a replacement tree is estimated at around $3-5, though there has already been at least one offer of a donation to mitigate that cost.”

Mill Ends, deemed the world’s smallest park by Guinness World Records, drew national attention six years ago when someone swiped the park’s lone sapling — only to drop it back off a few days later.

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