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Ellen’s Favorite Things: US Barista Champion from Sumner shares 3 coffee-making tips

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SUMNER, Wash. - Throughout the month of December, we're taking you back to some of our favorite places and reintroducing you to some of our favorite people.

Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Sumner is home to the 2019 United States Barista Champion.

Sam Spillman, 26, is the head of training and development at DCR. Earlier this year, Spillman took first place in the National Coffee Championship in Kansas City. As she prepares to defend her title she shared three pro-tips on how to make the best cup of coffee.

Tip #1: Use good coffee.
Sure, any coffee will get the job done when it comes to keeping you caffeinated. But investing in a good bean will make the experience that much more enjoyable. Spillman suggests using DCR's new Whiskey Rio blend.

Tip #2: Grind coffee beans no more than 15 minutes before brewing.
Spillman says beans lose nearly 85 percent of their flavor after they've been ground. Skip the pre-ground coffee and instead invest in a simple coffee grinder. (This one from Amazon is less than $20.)

Tip #3: Filtered water is best.
There's no need to make coffee using distilled water. Something as simple as a Brita will help enhance the coffee's flavor.

Not only is Dillanos Coffee Roasters home to the US Barista Champion, but Chris Culler has also qualified for the US Brewers Championship competition. Both championship competitions will be held in early 2020.

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