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Uber launching new service to take skiers, boarders to the mountain ⛷

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SEATTLE -- Uber wants to take you to the slopes.

Starting Dec. 17, Seattlites can order an Uber to ski resorts in the area, the rideshare company said in a release.

The ride will come with extra space for skis or snowboards. Riders will pay an additional surcharge for the selection, but Uber says the peace of mind that comes with the extra space is worth it.

Snowboarding on mount Rainier. Photo by April @apegnar on Instagram

"Uber Ski further improves both the rider and driver experience by clearly aligning expectations so drivers know when riders need additional space for winter gear," Uber said.

Seattle is one of more than 20 cities that will offer Uber Ski starting this month.

There are some obvious problems, however. Uber users run the risk of waiting a long time on the mountain for a ride back. And a long-distance Uber ride is never cheap.

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